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Discussion of Problem 1086. Cryptography

'Time limit exceeded' in Python 3.6
Posted by az 10 Mar 2018 05:32
It looks like a very simple problem. In pure C, but not in Python! :)
'Time limit exceeded' despite using precomputed tuple of primes (first 100 and each 100th or 50th), Eratosthenes' sieve, optimizations, wheel factorization etc.
Time is 2.10-2.30 regardless of method !!! WTF???
On my PC it finds a prime very fast:

Enter the number... 14999
14999-th prime number is 163819
Elapsed time is 0.0010540485382080078

On my computer and python implementation (Intel i3, Linux Fedora 27/ CPython 3.6.4) average time per prime is about 1 ms o less.

How to solve the problem in this strangely slow Python implementation?

Edited by author 10.03.2018 05:38
Re: 'Time limit exceeded' in Python 3.6
Posted by Rumman Sadik 20 Aug 2018 22:28
def prime(n):
    for i in range(2, n):
        if n % i == 0:
            return False
    return True

k = int(input())
for i in range(k):
    n = int(input())
    count = 0
    for f in range(2, 100):
        if prime(f) == True:
            count += 1
        if count == n:

I have same problem