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Discussion of Problem 1100. Final Standings

Failing Test #3 although stable sort is implemented
Posted by Pzixel 16 May 2018 04:43
I have implemented a stable sort in Rust. I have checked it on task sample array as well as on other sample data that I was generating.

I have implemented simple count sort because of small M. But for some reason it doesn't pass test #3. Any ideas what could be wrong?

use std::io::{self, BufRead};

fn main() {
    let stdin = io::stdin();
    let mut lines = stdin.lock().lines();
    let n: usize = lines.next().unwrap().unwrap().parse().unwrap();
    let mut tuples = Vec::with_capacity(n);

    for _ in 0..n {
        let line = lines.next().unwrap().unwrap();
        let mut line = line.split_whitespace();
        let id: u32 = line.next().unwrap().parse().unwrap();
        let m: u8 = line.next().unwrap().parse().unwrap();
        tuples.push((id, m))

    let tuples = count_sort(&tuples[..]);

    for (id, m) in tuples {
        println!("{} {}", id, m);

fn count_sort(input: &[(u32, u8)]) -> Vec<(u32, u8)>  {
    let mut freq = [0 as u8; 101];
    for &(_, m) in input {
        freq[m as usize] += 1;

    let mut output = unsafe { get_empty_vector(input.len()) };

    for i in (1..freq.len()).rev() {
        freq[i - 1] += freq[i];

    for &(id, m) in input.iter().rev() {
        let new_freq = freq[m as usize] - 1;
        freq[m as usize] = new_freq;
        output[new_freq as usize] = (id, m);


unsafe fn get_empty_vector<T>(size: usize) -> Vec<T> {
    let mut vec = Vec::with_capacity(size);
    let ptr = vec.as_mut_ptr();
    let result = Vec::from_raw_parts(ptr, size, size);