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Problem set. Volume 1


1000A+B Problem8865416

1001Reverse Root2671415

1002Phone NumbersCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19996272216

1003ParityCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19993525385

1004Sightseeing TripCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19992400564

1005Stone PileUSU Championship 19971538488

1006Square FramesUSU Championship 19971476914

1007Code WordsUSU Championship 19973557381

1008Image EncodingUSTU PhysTech Cup 20003967341

1009K-based NumbersUSU Championship 19971428295

1010Discrete FunctionUSTU PhysTech Cup 20005012270

1011ConductorsUSU Championship 19975802234

1012K-based Numbers. Version 27849172

1013K-based Numbers. Version 3794206

1014Product of DigitsUSU Local Contest. 199913451101

1015Test the Difference!USU Local Contest. 19993188424

1016Cube on the WalkUSU Local Contest. 19991731778

1017StaircasesUSU Local Contest. 19998679156

1018Binary Apple TreeUSU Local Contest. 19994659290

1019Line PaintingUSU Local Contest. 19993039444

1020RopeAutumn School Contest 200013139103

1021Sacrament of the SumAutumn School Contest 20009548141

1022Genealogical TreeAutumn School Contest 20009858137

1023ButtonsAutumn School Contest 20006610204

1024PermutationsAutumn School Contest 20004482301

1025Democracy in DangerAutumn School Contest 20001978768

1026Questions and AnswersAutumn School Contest 20009183147

1027D++ AgainAutumn School Contest 20002317581

1028StarsUral Championship 19995054266

1029MinistryUral Championship 19993475337

1030TitanicUral Championship 19991594841

1031Railway TicketsUral Championship 19993675366

1032Find a MultipleUral Championship 19993922299

1033LabyrinthUral Championship 19995882229

1034Queens in Peaceful PositionsUral Championship 19991757763

1035Cross-stitchUral Championship 199910181309

1036Lucky Tickets4503299

1037Memory ManagementUSU Championship 20001755757

1038Spell CheckerUSU Championship 20002958450

1039Anniversary PartyUSU Championship 20003513379

1040Airline CompanyUSU Championship 20001344987

1041NikiforUSU Championship 20006292091

1042Central HeatingUSU Championship 20001647806

1043Cover an ArcUSU Championship 20008311589

1044Lucky Tickets. Easy!USU Championship 200011198119

1045Funny GameUSU Local Contest. March 20002563513

1046Geometrical DreamsUSU Local Contest. March 20007051846

1047Simple CalculationsUSU Local Contest. March 20004444297

1048Superlong SumsUSU Local Contest. March 20006980188

1049Brave BalloonistsUSU Local Contest. March 20005506239

1050Preparing an ArticleUSU Local Contest. March 20009561367

1051Simple Game on a GridUSU Local Contest. March 20002693488

1052Rabbit HuntUSU Local Contest. March 20005848225

1053PinocchioNEERC 2000 Central Subregional4171315

1054Hanoi TowerNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1996657

1055CombinationsNEERC 2000 Central Subregional3318396

1056Computer NetNEERC 2000 Central Subregional2466532

1057Amount of DegreesNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1851708

1058ChocolateNEERC 2000 Central Subregional4432902

1059ExpressionNEERC 2000 Central Subregional2092627

1060Flip GameNEERC 20003497356

1061Buffer ManagerNEERC 20002033611

1062TriathlonNEERC 20006821803

1063Domino PuzzleNEERC 20005732139

1064Binary SearchNEERC 20002043608

1065FrontierNEERC 20008901387

1066GarlandNEERC 20002296541

1067Disk TreeNEERC 20002258550


1069Prufer CodeUSU Personal Contest 20012308523

1070Local TimeUSU Personal Contest 20011936624

1071Nikifor 2USU Personal Contest 20012012600

1072RoutingUSU Personal Contest 20012516480

1073Square CountryUSU Personal Contest 20017938153

1074Very Short ProblemUSU Personal Contest 20015762070

1075Thread in a SpaceUSU Personal Contest 20015492171


1077Travelling Tours1056411

1078SegmentsWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20013204373

1079MaximumWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 200110853111

1080Map ColoringWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20014830248

1081Binary Lexicographic SequenceWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20014666257

1082Gaby IvanushkaSpring School Contest 200110057118

1083Factorials!!!Spring School Contest 20011699870

1084Goat in the GardenSpring School Contest 20018128146

1085MeetingSpring School Contest 20012005591

1086CryptographySpring School Contest 200110777110

1087The Time to Take StonesSpring School Contest 20014285277

1088Ilya MurometzSpring School Contest 20011671708

1089Verification with a VocabularySpring School Contest 20012622452

1090In the Army NowUSU Local Contest. March 20013159357

1091Tmutarakan ExamsUSU Local Contest. March 20012255499

1092TransversalUSU Local Contest. March 20014862280

1093DartsUSU Local Contest. March 20015741937

1094E-screenUSU Local Contest. March 20012627429

1095Nikifor 3USU Local Contest. March 20012047550

1096Get the Right Route Plate!USU Local Contest. March 20011635688

1097Square Country 2USU Local Contest. March 20018011395


1099Work Scheduling8561182