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Problem set. Volume 12


2100Wedding DinnerUral FU Junior Championship 2016334331

2102Michael and CryptographyUral FU Junior Championship 2016911115

2105Alice and Bob are on BikesUral FU Junior Championship 2016460225

2111PlatoUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 2019424106

2104Game with a StripUral FU Junior Championship 2016365281

2108Oleg and Little PoniesUral FU Junior Championship 2016294347

2109Tourism on MarsUral FU Junior Championship 2016242419

2115The Knowledge DayUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 2019232189

2106DeserializationUral FU Junior Championship 2016135728

2110Remove or MaximizeUral FU Junior Championship 2016124787

2113Survive the floodUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 201998424

2103Corporate MailUral FU Junior Championship 2016921034

2117Polyphemus' triplesUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 201973552

2116He is not a knight for youUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 201968587

2112Battle logUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 201967595

2101Knight's ShieldUral FU Junior Championship 2016631445

2107Oppa Funcan StyleUral FU Junior Championship 2016621465

2114My craftUniversity academic school olympiad in informatics 201951751

2121Intersection of ParabolasPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest49737

2130Alice + BobLater is better than never38801

2135Pauline and commitsLater is better than never35854

2128Rubina's SolitaireLater is better than never32915

2119Tree HullPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest301088

2123KnapsackPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest231318

2126Partition into TeamsPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest231318

2120Tree Average WeightPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest191500

2124Algebra on SegmentPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest181553

2134StampmanLater is better than never171424

2132Graph Decomposition. Version 2Later is better than never161479

2136John vs SantaLater is better than never151538

2129Mortgage in Far Away KingdomLater is better than never121748

2125Continue the SequencePetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest112071

2133Terms of referenceLater is better than never111830

2118CiphertextPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest102175

2122HammingPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest92289

2127Determinant of a GraphPetrozavodsk Summer 2018. t.me/umnik_team Contest92289

2137Dynamic string complexityLater is better than never32957

2131Open CupLater is better than never13495