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Problem set. Volume 2


1100Final StandingsTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001858549

1101Robot in the FieldTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001756548

1102Strange DialogTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 20012345178

1103Pencils and CirclesTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001832499

1104Don’t Ask Woman about Her AgeTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001441495

1105Observers ColoringTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001503818

1106Two TeamsTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001526380

1107Warehouse ProblemTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 20011010412

1108HeritageBulgarian Online Contest September 20011714245

1109ConferenceBulgarian Online Contest September 20011680250

1110PowerBulgarian Online Contest September 2001766655

1111SquaresBulgarian Online Contest September 20011059395

1112CoverBulgarian Online Contest September 20012112199

1113JeepBulgarian Online Contest September 20011642256

1114BoxesBulgarian Online Contest September 20012234188

1115ShipsBulgarian Online Contest September 20011043401

1116Piecewise Constant FunctionAutumn School Contest 20011329316

1117HierarchyAutumn School Contest 20011550271

1118Nontrivial NumbersAutumn School Contest 2001425399

1119MetroAutumn School Contest 2001536279

1120Sum of Sequential NumbersAutumn School Contest 2001501984

1121BranchesAutumn School Contest 20011265331

1122GameAutumn School Contest 20011777236

1123SalaryAutumn School Contest 20013452122

1124MosaicUSU Championship 20011354310

1125HopscotchUSU Championship 20011855227

1126Magnetic StormsUSU Championship 20013957107

1127Colored BricksUSU Championship 20011346312

1128Partition into GroupsUSU Championship 2001992422

1129Door PaintingUSU Championship 2001925452

1130Nikifor's WalkUSU Championship 2001427968

1131CopyingUSU Championship 2001541078

1132Square Root642649

1133Fibonacci SequenceNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2290184

1134CardsNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2361178

1135RecruitsNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2573164

1136ParliamentNEERC 2001 Central Subregional4181101

1137Bus RoutesNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1385303

1138Integer PercentageNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2115199

1139City BlocksNEERC 2001 Central Subregional530180

1140Swamp IncidentNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1148365

1141RSA Attack1139368

1142RelationsDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20012872147

1143Electric PathDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001742563

1144The Emperor's RiddleDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20012211833

1145Rope in the LabyrinthDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20011039404

1146Maximum SumDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001490186

1147Shaping RegionsDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001513810

1148Building TowersDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20012291772

1149Sinus Dances667963

1150Page NumbersUral Championship 2001. Round 21752240

1151RadiobeaconsUral Championship 2001. Round 23931052

1152False MirrorsUral Championship 2001. Round 22431174

1153SupercomputerUral Championship 2001. Round 21378305

1154Mages ContestUral Championship 2001. Round 2474876

1155TroubleduonsUral Championship 2001. Round 2930451

1156Two RoundsUral Championship 2001. Round 21248337

1157Young TilerUral Championship 2001. Round 22542166

1158Censored!NEERC 2001 Northern Subregional834502

1159FenceNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional578721

1160NetworkNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1357315

1161StripiesNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional455593

1162Currency ExchangeNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional908462

1163ChapaevNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2121909

1164FillwordNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2151196

1165SubnumberNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional485856

1166Funny Card GameNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1163470

1167Bicolored HorsesRomanian Online Contest December 20012977142

1168Radio StationsRomanian Online Contest December 2001592704

1169PairsRomanian Online Contest December 2001572728

1170DesertRomanian Online Contest December 20012771477

1171Lost in SpaceRomanian Online Contest December 20013191289

1172Ship RoutesRomanian Online Contest December 2001745562

1173Lazy SnailRomanian Online Contest December 20013951047

1174Weird PermutationsRomanian Online Contest December 2001623670

1175Strange SequenceUSU Personal Contest 2002446933

1176HyperchannelsUSU Personal Contest 20021138370

1177Like ComparisonsUSU Personal Contest 20023181297

1178Akbardin’s RoadsUSU Personal Contest 20022909146

1179Numbers in TextUSU Personal Contest 20021514279

1180Stone GameUSU Personal Contest 2002489087

1181Cutting a Painted PolygonUSU Personal Contest 2002962438

1182Team Them Up!NEERC 2001829507

1183Brackets SequenceNEERC 20012027209

1184Cable MasterNEERC 20011430296

1185WallNEERC 20011316321

1186Chemical ReactionsNEERC 2001627668

1187Statistical TroubleNEERC 20012041989

1188LibraryNEERC 20011922107

1189Pairs of IntegersNEERC 2001866486

1190Bar of ChocolateSpring School Contest 20021364310

1191Catch the thief!Spring School Contest 20021747242

1192Ball in a DreamSpring School Contest 20023845110

1193Queue at the ExamSpring School Contest 20022369179

1194HandshakesSpring School Contest 2002521182

1195Ouths and CrossesSpring School Contest 20021654256

1196History ExamSpring School Contest 2002702960

1197Lonesome KnightSpring School Contest 20021405030