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Problem set


1000A+B Problem7386818

1001Reverse Root2116217

1002Phone NumbersCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19995746212

1003ParityCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19993175384

1004Sightseeing TripCentral European Olympiad in Informatics 19992195555

1005Stone PileUSU Championship 19971314593

1006Square FramesUSU Championship 19971387875

1007Code WordsUSU Championship 19973344364

1008Image EncodingUSTU PhysTech Cup 20003731327

1009K-based NumbersUSU Championship 19971249498

1010Discrete FunctionUSTU PhysTech Cup 20004717258

1011ConductorsUSU Championship 19975400226

1012K-based Numbers. Version 27036173

1013K-based Numbers. Version 3358278

1014Product of DigitsUSU Local Contest. 199911476106

1015Test the Difference!USU Local Contest. 19993020402

1016Cube on the WalkUSU Local Contest. 19991607753

1017StaircasesUSU Local Contest. 19997507162

1018Binary Apple TreeUSU Local Contest. 19994177291

1019Line PaintingUSU Local Contest. 19992767439

1020RopeAutumn School Contest 200011575105

1021Sacrament of the SumAutumn School Contest 20008696140

1022Genealogical TreeAutumn School Contest 20008930136

1023ButtonsAutumn School Contest 20006039201

1024PermutationsAutumn School Contest 20004143293

1025Democracy in DangerAutumn School Contest 20001710271

1026Questions and AnswersAutumn School Contest 20008367145

1027D++ AgainAutumn School Contest 20002166559

1028StarsUral Championship 19994535267

1029MinistryUral Championship 19993175332

1030TitanicUral Championship 19991498804

1031Railway TicketsUral Championship 19993421354

1032Find a MultipleUral Championship 19993646290

1033LabyrinthUral Championship 19995297229

1034Queens in Peaceful PositionsUral Championship 19991669722

1035Cross-stitchUral Championship 19999631244

1036Lucky Tickets4036300

1037Memory ManagementUSU Championship 20001628734

1038Spell CheckerUSU Championship 20002820425

1039Anniversary PartyUSU Championship 20003152380

1040Airline CompanyUSU Championship 20001224974

1041NikiforUSU Championship 20005732062

1042Central HeatingUSU Championship 20001513789

1043Cover an ArcUSU Championship 20007851512

1044Lucky Tickets. Easy!USU Championship 200010192118

1045Funny GameUSU Local Contest. March 20002276520

1046Geometrical DreamsUSU Local Contest. March 20006631765

1047Simple CalculationsUSU Local Contest. March 20004237280

1048Superlong SumsUSU Local Contest. March 20006432184

1049Brave BalloonistsUSU Local Contest. March 20005048235

1050Preparing an ArticleUSU Local Contest. March 20008841329

1051Simple Game on a GridUSU Local Contest. March 20002550464

1052Rabbit HuntUSU Local Contest. March 20005338222

1053PinocchioNEERC 2000 Central Subregional3970298

1054Hanoi TowerNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1893623

1055CombinationsNEERC 2000 Central Subregional3143376

1056Computer NetNEERC 2000 Central Subregional2283517

1057Amount of DegreesNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1685700

1058ChocolateNEERC 2000 Central Subregional3892965

1059ExpressionNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1993592

1060Flip GameNEERC 20003273342

1061Buffer ManagerNEERC 20001934578

1062TriathlonNEERC 20006421723

1063Domino PuzzleNEERC 20005372053

1064Binary SearchNEERC 20001948574

1065FrontierNEERC 20008301338

1066GarlandNEERC 20002177514

1067Disk TreeNEERC 20001877595


1069Prufer CodeUSU Personal Contest 20012065527

1070Local TimeUSU Personal Contest 20011837592

1071Nikifor 2USU Personal Contest 20011892575

1072RoutingUSU Personal Contest 20012311471

1073Square CountryUSU Personal Contest 20016906158

1074Very Short ProblemUSU Personal Contest 20015112098

1075Thread in a SpaceUSU Personal Contest 200110461035


1077Travelling Tours957409

1078SegmentsWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20012870375

1079MaximumWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20019489114

1080Map ColoringWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20014160259

1081Binary Lexicographic SequenceWinter Mathematical Festival Varna 20014229255

1082Gaby IvanushkaSpring School Contest 20019325115

1083Factorials!!!Spring School Contest 20011429575

1084Goat in the GardenSpring School Contest 20017256148

1085MeetingSpring School Contest 20011874569

1086CryptographySpring School Contest 20019028119

1087The Time to Take StonesSpring School Contest 20013962270

1088Ilya MurometzSpring School Contest 20011587671

1089Verification with a VocabularySpring School Contest 20012475431

1090In the Army NowUSU Local Contest. March 20012883352

1091Tmutarakan ExamsUSU Local Contest. March 20012108481

1092TransversalUSU Local Contest. March 20014652146

1093DartsUSU Local Contest. March 20015381860

1094E-screenUSU Local Contest. March 20012484409

1095Nikifor 3USU Local Contest. March 20012031499

1096Get the Right Route Plate!USU Local Contest. March 20011538658

1097Square Country 2USU Local Contest. March 20017581327


1099Work Scheduling7291248

1100Final StandingsTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001762951

1101Robot in the FieldTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001716541

1102Strange DialogTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 20012146182

1103Pencils and CirclesTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001791490

1104Don’t Ask Woman about Her AgeTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001402897

1105Observers ColoringTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001477806

1106Two TeamsTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001475182

1107Warehouse ProblemTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001945411

1108HeritageBulgarian Online Contest September 20011597246

1109ConferenceBulgarian Online Contest September 20011541255

1110PowerBulgarian Online Contest September 2001693657

1111SquaresBulgarian Online Contest September 2001987396

1112CoverBulgarian Online Contest September 20011961200

1113JeepBulgarian Online Contest September 20011565251

1114BoxesBulgarian Online Contest September 20012076189

1115ShipsBulgarian Online Contest September 2001992394

1116Piecewise Constant FunctionAutumn School Contest 20011252313

1117HierarchyAutumn School Contest 20011425276

1118Nontrivial NumbersAutumn School Contest 20013808104

1119MetroAutumn School Contest 2001459486

1120Sum of Sequential NumbersAutumn School Contest 2001461785

1121BranchesAutumn School Contest 20011201326

1122GameAutumn School Contest 20011658237

1123SalaryAutumn School Contest 20013177124

1124MosaicUSU Championship 20011272309

1125HopscotchUSU Championship 20011741226

1126Magnetic StormsUSU Championship 20013519112

1127Colored BricksUSU Championship 20011273308

1128Partition into GroupsUSU Championship 2001937418

1129Door PaintingUSU Championship 2001873448

1130Nikifor's WalkUSU Championship 2001389992

1131CopyingUSU Championship 2001563070

1132Square Root565689

1133Fibonacci SequenceNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2117186

1134CardsNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2195180

1135RecruitsNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2403164

1136ParliamentNEERC 2001 Central Subregional3827103

1137Bus RoutesNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1256313

1138Integer PercentageNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1982199

1139City BlocksNEERC 2001 Central Subregional484082

1140Swamp IncidentNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1100357

1141RSA Attack1047375

1142RelationsDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20012707146

1143Electric PathDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001719544

1144The Emperor's RiddleDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20012121785

1145Rope in the LabyrinthDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001932421

1146Maximum SumDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001424893

1147Shaping RegionsDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 2001468829

1148Building TowersDSAP Vietnam Online Contest November 20011941943

1149Sinus Dances610465

1150Page NumbersUral Championship 2001. Round 21647239

1151RadiobeaconsUral Championship 2001. Round 23671052

1152False MirrorsUral Championship 2001. Round 22058192

1153SupercomputerUral Championship 2001. Round 21258313

1154Mages ContestUral Championship 2001. Round 2447868

1155TroubleduonsUral Championship 2001. Round 2838468

1156Two RoundsUral Championship 2001. Round 21152341

1157Young TilerUral Championship 2001. Round 22389165

1158Censored!NEERC 2001 Northern Subregional771508

1159FenceNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional534729

1160NetworkNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1178340

1161StripiesNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional422194

1162Currency ExchangeNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional814482

1163ChapaevNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1981907

1164FillwordNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2045193

1165SubnumberNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional466834

1166Funny Card GameNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1133340

1167Bicolored HorsesRomanian Online Contest December 20012589153

1168Radio StationsRomanian Online Contest December 2001566689

1169PairsRomanian Online Contest December 2001535728

1170DesertRomanian Online Contest December 20012611465

1171Lost in SpaceRomanian Online Contest December 20012931310

1172Ship RoutesRomanian Online Contest December 2001686570

1173Lazy SnailRomanian Online Contest December 20013651058

1174Weird PermutationsRomanian Online Contest December 2001602649

1175Strange SequenceUSU Personal Contest 2002425916

1176HyperchannelsUSU Personal Contest 20021052375

1177Like ComparisonsUSU Personal Contest 20022931314

1178Akbardin’s RoadsUSU Personal Contest 20022699147

1179Numbers in TextUSU Personal Contest 20021433276

1180Stone GameUSU Personal Contest 2002451188

1181Cutting a Painted PolygonUSU Personal Contest 2002918429

1182Team Them Up!NEERC 2001779505

1183Brackets SequenceNEERC 20011830217

1184Cable MasterNEERC 20011349293

1185WallNEERC 20011205328

1186Chemical ReactionsNEERC 2001591663

1187Statistical TroubleNEERC 20011892003

1188LibraryNEERC 20011792109

1189Pairs of IntegersNEERC 2001835472

1190Bar of ChocolateSpring School Contest 20021264313

1191Catch the thief!Spring School Contest 20021645241

1192Ball in a DreamSpring School Contest 20023504113

1193Queue at the ExamSpring School Contest 20022210180

1194HandshakesSpring School Contest 2002485682

1195Ouths and CrossesSpring School Contest 20021531259

1196History ExamSpring School Contest 2002625364

1197Lonesome KnightSpring School Contest 20021255532



1200Horns and HoofsUSU Local Contest. March 20021593249

1201Which Day Is It?USU Local Contest. March 20021170338

1202Rectangles TravelUSU Local Contest. March 2002918430

1203Scientific ConferenceUSU Local Contest. March 20023970100

1204IdempotentsUSU Local Contest. March 20021712232

1205By the Underground or by Foot?USU Local Contest. March 20021653240

1206Sum of Digits of the Sum of NumbersUSU Local Contest. March 20023246123

1207Median on the PlaneUSU Local Contest. March 20022123187

1208Legendary Teams ContestUSU Local Contest. March 20022047194

12091, 10, 100, 1000...Autumn School Contest 2002957442

1210Kind SpiritsAutumn School Contest 20022589155

1211Collective GuaranteeAutumn School Contest 20021451276

1212BattleshipAutumn School Contest 2002795501

1213Cockroaches!Autumn School Contest 20022361170

1214Strange ProcedureAutumn School Contest 20023917103

1215Exactness of Projectile HitAutumn School Contest 20021314305

1216Two Pawns and One KingUSU Championship 20021941978

1217Unlucky TicketsUSU Championship 20021008396

1218Episode N-th: The Jedi TournamentUSU Championship 20021184338

1219Symbolic SequenceUSU Championship 20023347120

1220StacksUSU Championship 20021462274

1221Malevich Strikes Back!USU Championship 2002967413

1222Chernobyl’ EaglesUSU Championship 20022855141

1223Chernobyl’ Eagle on a RoofUSU Championship 20021172341

1224SpiralNEERC 2002 Central Subregional559972

1225FlagsNEERC 2002 Central Subregional915444

1226esreveR redrONEERC 2002 Central Subregional3469116

1227Rally ChampionshipNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1266316

1228ArrayNEERC 2002 Central Subregional3840105

1229Strong BrickworkNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1047382

1230Introspective ProgramNEERC 2002 Central Subregional559710

1231Turing: One, Two, Three, …NEERC 2002 Central Subregional1862060

1232Asteroid LandingNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1792136

1233Amusing NumbersNEERC 2002436907

1234BricksNEERC 2002610652

1235Cricket FieldNEERC 2002530749

1236Decoding TaskNEERC 2002827483

1237Evacuation PlanNEERC 2002438904

1238FoldingNEERC 2002865463

1239Ghost BustersNEERC 20021392715

1240Heroes of Might and MagicNEERC 20022821385

1241Inlay CuttersNEERC 20022501558

1242WerewolfUSU Personal Contest 20031763229

1243Divorce of the Seven DwarfsUSU Personal Contest 2003727656

1244GentlemenUSU Personal Contest 20031454277

1245PicturesUSU Personal Contest 2003439905

1246Tethered DogUSU Personal Contest 20031139354

1247Check a SequenceUSU Personal Contest 20031645245

1248Sequence SumUSU Personal Contest 2003623642

1249Ancient NecropolisUSU Local Contest. March 20031893214

1250Sea BurialUSU Local Contest. March 2003565707

1251Cemetery ManagerUSU Local Contest. March 20032561528

1252Sorting the TombstonesUSU Local Contest. March 2003975413

1253NecrologuesUSU Local Contest. March 2003615650

1254Die HardUSU Local Contest. March 2003621644

1255Graveyard of the Cosa NostraUSU Local Contest. March 20031511267

1256Cemetery GuardUSU Local Contest. March 20031662310

1257HyphenationAutumn School Contest 20032331690

1258PoolAutumn School Contest 2003940432

1259How to Become Star?Autumn School Contest 20031063383

1260Nudnik PhotographerAutumn School Contest 20033287125

1261TipsAutumn School Contest 20031151354

1262Pseudo-Roman NumberAutumn School Contest 20031132360

1263ElectionsAutumn School Contest 2003853148

1264WorkdaysAutumn School Contest 20031429729

1265MirrorUSU Championship 20032751442

1266Kirchhoff's LawUSU Championship 20032731452

1267Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20031961995

1268Little ChuUSU Championship 2003499807

1269Obscene Words FilterUSU Championship 2003489824

1270UnicubeUSU Championship 20031692296

1271Sailing DirectionsUSU Championship 2003824467

1272Non-Yekaterinburg SubwayUSU Championship 20032429168

1273TieUSU Championship 2003847479

1274Fractional ArithmeticNEERC 2003 Central Subregional594681

1275Knights of the Round TableNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1542507

1276TrainNEERC 2003 Central Subregional500806

1277Cops and ThievesNEERC 2003 Central Subregional479841

1278“… Connecting People”NEERC 2003 Central Subregional424947

1279WarehouseNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1065383

1280Topological SortingNEERC 2003 Central Subregional2509163

1281River BasinNEERC 2003 Central Subregional2941353

1282Game TreeNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1160351

1283DwarfUSU Personal Contest 20043224128

1284Space PokerUSU Personal Contest 20041712284

1285Thread in a HyperspaceUSU Personal Contest 2004437925

1286Starship TravelUSU Personal Contest 2004598680

1287Mars CanalsUSU Personal Contest 20041036395

1288AstrolocationUSU Personal Contest 20041882088

1289One Way TicketUSU Personal Contest 20041053389

1290SabotageSpring School Contest 2004493484

1291Gear-wheelsSpring School Contest 2004982417

1292Mars Space StationsSpring School Contest 20041133362

1293EniyaSpring School Contest 20042060620

1294Mars SatellitesSpring School Contest 20041296317

1295Crazy NotionsSpring School Contest 20042571160

1296HyperjumpSpring School Contest 20043831108

1297PalindromeSpring School Contest 2004449392

1298KnightSpring School Contest 20041605256

1299PsyloniansSpring School Contest 20042781436

1300TaxesUral Championship 19981482619

1301Cube in LabyrinthUral Championship 1998567717

1302Delta-waveUral Championship 19981254327

1303Minimal CoverageUral Championship 19981724239

1304ParallelepipedUral Championship 19982131856

1305Convex HullUral Championship 1998578704

1306Sequence MedianUral Championship 19982630157

1307ArchiverUral Championship 2004. Round 13281225

1308Dean's PyramidUral Championship 2004. Round 11472638

1309DisputeUral Championship 2004. Round 1672607

1310ACM DiagnosticsUral Championship 2004. Round 13281225

1311Stable ConstructionUral Championship 2004. Round 13861046

1312TrayUral Championship 2004. Round 11432707

1313Some Words about SportUral Championship 2004. Round 11021541

1314Chase in SubwayUral Championship 2004. Round 1769532

1315MDPAR and MIIARUral Championship 2004. Round 11962011

1316Electronic AuctionUral Championship 2004. Round 1864474

1317HailUral Championship 2004. Round 23711087

1318LogarithmUral Championship 2004. Round 22911376

1319HotelUral Championship 2004. Round 2945544

1320Graph DecompositionUral Championship 2004. Round 21268324

1321Floor IndicatorUral Championship 2004. Round 23121286

1322SpyUral Championship 2004. Round 2817501

1323ClassmatesUral Championship 2004. Round 2508800

1324Extra SpacesUral Championship 2004. Round 2452897

1325DirtUral Championship 2004. Round 2686595

1326Bottle TapsUral Championship 2004. Round 2858477

1327FusesAutumn School Contest 2004788753

1328FireballAutumn School Contest 20043031334

1329Galactic HistoryAutumn School Contest 2004859480

1330IntervalsAutumn School Contest 20043813109

1331VladislavaAutumn School Contest 2004408999

1332Genie BomberAutumn School Contest 2004656627

1333Genie Bomber 2Autumn School Contest 20041817228

1334CheckersAutumn School Contest 2004785525

1335White ThesisAutumn School Contest 20042346177

1336Problem of Ben BetsalelAutumn School Contest 20043281127

1337BureaucracyAutumn School Contest 20042531587

1338AutomobilesUSU Championship 20042331726

1339BabiesUSU Championship 2004427960

1340CucarachaUSU Championship 2004814610

1341DeviceUSU Championship 20043721098

1342EnterpriseUSU Championship 2004478860

1343Fairy TaleUSU Championship 20041037401

1344Gigantic TurnipUSU Championship 2004824559

1345HTMLUSU Championship 20042851422

1346Intervals of MonotonicityUSU Championship 20041231338

1347BlogSpring School Contest 20052801448

1348Goat in the Garden 2Spring School Contest 20052065202

1349FarmSpring School Contest 2005726958

1350CanteenSpring School Contest 20051029404

1351Good Gnusmas – Dead GnusmasSpring School Contest 2005750552

1352Mersenne PrimesSpring School Contest 20053079136

1353Milliard Vasya's FunctionSpring School Contest 20053497120

1354Palindrome. Again PalindromeSpring School Contest 20052548164

1355Bald Spot RevisitedSpring School Contest 20051769236

1356Something EasierSpring School Contest 20051101378

1357Teakettle 1.0 for DummiesSpring School Contest 20053481173

1358CablesSpring School Contest 2005698593

1359ConstructionSpring School Contest 20053361214

1360Philosophical DisputeUral Championship 2005. Round 23091318

1361Spaceology vs. ChronisticsUral Championship 2005. Round 21812201

1362Classmates 2Ural Championship 2005. Round 2769540

1363HalftonesUral Championship 2005. Round 2536673

1364LaraKillerUral Championship 2005. Round 2445924

1365Testing CalculatorUral Championship 2005. Round 2705255

1366PresentsUral Championship 2005. Round 2785529

1367Top SecretUral Championship 2005. Round 21293025

1368Goat in the Garden 3Ural Championship 2005. Round 21702335

1369Cockroach RaceUral Championship 2005. Round 21616168

1370MagicianUral Championship 2005. Round 2424199

1371Cargo AgencyUral Championship 2005. Round 1645644

1372Death StarUral Championship 2005. Round 1655626

1373Pictura ex MachinaUral Championship 2005. Round 1477866

1374MisereUral Championship 2005. Round 12811105

1375Bill CleversUral Championship 2005. Round 1732569

1376Dean's Pyramid 2Ural Championship 2005. Round 1378978

1377Lara CroftUral Championship 2005. Round 11425294

1378Artificial IntelligenceUral Championship 2005. Round 12331737

1379Cups TransportationUral Championship 2005. Round 1510811

1380Ostap's ChessPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1003837

1381Cockroaches in the BuildingPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1143404

1382Game with CardsPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2041972

1383Flower-garden DesignsPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2213189

1384Goat in the Garden 4Petrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest715211

1385Interesting NumberPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1710245

1386MazePetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest3521166

1387Vasya's DadPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2581575

1388PhotoPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1417586

1389RoadworksPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest565734

1390Shots at WallsPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2910822

1391SnakePetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest735085

1392Dreaming of Stars536773

1393Average Common Prefix3221256

1394Ships. Version 2528139

1395Pascal vs. C++. Version 21272905

1396Maximum. Version 21872013

1397Points Game1821981

1398Bishop and Pawn374961

1399Economical Director2311169

1400Cellular CharactersAutumn School Contest 2005760548

1401GamersAutumn School Contest 2005859486

1402CocktailsAutumn School Contest 20052982141

1403CourierAutumn School Contest 20051122373

1404Easy to Hack!Autumn School Contest 2005495285

1405Goat in the Garden 5Autumn School Contest 2005565734

1406Next NumberAutumn School Contest 20051235339

1407One-two, One-twoAutumn School Contest 20051061394

1408Polynomial MultiplicationAutumn School Contest 20053471182

1409Two GangstersAutumn School Contest 20051976421

1410CrackUSU Championship 2005927448

141140 Islands KnightsUSU Championship 20051283045

1412Autumn TideUSU Championship 20052751475

1413Mars JumperUSU Championship 20052347178

1414Astronomical DatabaseUSU Championship 2005801518

1415Mobile LifeUSU Championship 20052711354

1416ConfidentialUSU Championship 2005967430

1417Space Poker 2USU Championship 20052171851

1418Military StoryUSU Championship 2005414991

1419Maps of the Island WorldsUSU Championship 20052881410

1420Integer-Valued Complex DivisionUSU Championship 20052341722

1421Credit OperationsTimus Top Coders: First Challenge695578

1422FirefliesTimus Top Coders: First Challenge423940

1423String TaleTimus Top Coders: First Challenge2084194

1424MinibusTimus Top Coders: First Challenge528757

1425Queen 2Timus Top Coders: First Challenge2081868

1426RectanglesTimus Top Coders: First Challenge695155

1427SMSTimus Top Coders: First Challenge1014398

1428Jedi RiddleTimus Top Coders: First Challenge835482

1429BiscuitsTimus Top Coders: First Challenge1193157

1430Crime and PunishmentTimus Top Coders: First Challenge833483

1431DiplomasUSU Personal Contest 20061146351

1432Twofold LuckUSU Personal Contest 2006408110

1433DiamondsUSU Personal Contest 20061582255

1434Buses in VasyukiUSU Personal Contest 20063531117

1435Financial ErrorUSU Personal Contest 2006404979

1436BillboardUSU Personal Contest 2006472841

1437Gasoline StationUSU Personal Contest 2006722554

1438Time Limit ExceededUSU Personal Contest 20061243026

1439Battle with You-Know-WhoUral Championship 2006783507

1440Training ScheduleUral Championship 2006568695

1441From the History of Gringotts BankUral Championship 20062761405

1442Floo PowderUral Championship 20061183140

1443RailsUral Championship 2006579682

1444ElephpotamusUral Championship 20063461129

1445Christmas giftsUral Championship 2006664596

1446Sorting HatUral Championship 2006414397

1447Portkey NetworkUral Championship 20063561098

1448Lighting in HogwartsUral Championship 2006703564

1449Credit Operations 2Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge2691429

1450Russian PipelinesTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge1183334

1451Beerhouse TaleTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge396982

1452Pascal vs. C++Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge604649

1453QueenTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge3171219

1454Rectangles 2Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge1422623

1455Freedom of SpeechTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge1951945

1456Jedi Riddle 2Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge483809

1457Heating MainTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge557171

1458War GamesTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge3271183

1459Archer's TravelPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest2121736

1460WiresPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest774429

1461Christmas GarlandPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest3631033

1462Uncle Scrooge's GoldPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest437862

1463Happiness to People!Petrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest524722

1464LightPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest1222919

1465Pawn GamePetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest683556

1466Magic SquarePetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest1053350

1467Sum of DegreesPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest3041227

1468FractionPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest454819

1469No Smoking!Petrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest2881276

1470UFOsPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1333283

1471Distance in the TreePetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1448261

1472Martian ArmyPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest3181159

1473Farm 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest665003

1474About FrogsPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest525711

1475Ryaba HenPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest744527

1476Lunar CodePetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest2431503

1477AirplanesPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1272775

1478Spy SatellitesPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest804225

1479Scheduled CheckingPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest565761

1480CouponsUSU Championship 2006875428

1481Winning ChancesUSU Championship 20061512352

1482Triangle GameUSU Championship 20061182959

1483Table FootballUSU Championship 20061049358

1484Film RatingUSU Championship 2006510728

1485Football and LieUSU Championship 20062231625

1486Equal SquaresUSU Championship 2006553673

1487Chinese FootballUSU Championship 20062881271

1488ACM PokerUSU Championship 20062301578

1489Points on a ParallelepipedAutumn School Contest 2006937399

1490Fire CircleAutumn School Contest 20061753214

1491Unreal StoryAutumn School Contest 20061690222

1492Vasya's Dad 2Autumn School Contest 20061941852

1493One Step from HappinessAutumn School Contest 2006675656

1494MonobilliardsAutumn School Contest 20061814207

1495One-two, One-two 2Autumn School Contest 20061014369

1496SpammerAutumn School Contest 2006629260

1497Cutting a SquareAutumn School Contest 20061255299

1498Stroke at Full SpeedAutumn School Contest 2006417885

1499KerchiefsAutumn School Contest 20062641379

1500Pass LicensesNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional554667

1501Sense of BeautyNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1289290

1502Domino DotsNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional468980

1503PolynomialNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1881900

1504Good MannersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1622188

1505Oil TransferNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1222850

1506Columns of NumbersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2246167

1507Difficult DecisionNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional890418

1508Japanese PuzzleNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2121695

1509Domino RecognitionNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional963550

1510OrderNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional401094

1511Fiscal OperationsTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge3071169

1512ZiniumTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge467777

1513Lemon TaleTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge867423

1514National ParkTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1951808

1515CashmasterTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1695217

1516NostalgiaTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2011756

1517Freedom of ChoiceTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1112330

1518Jedi Riddle 3Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge3481035

1519Formula 1Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge859426

1520Empire Strikes BackTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1342573

1521War Games 2Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge1149320

1522FactoryPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1881834

1523K-inversionsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1011356

1524Men in BlackPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1912524

1525PathPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest734488

1526Martian PlatesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2471413

1527Bad RoadsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2541376

1528SequencePetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1392259

1529Game of SquaresPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest774175

1530Ones and ZeroesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest399888

1531Zones on a PlanePetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2681307

1532Lost in TranslationUSU Personal Contest 20071791914

1533Fat HobbitsUSU Personal Contest 20072971178

1534Football in GondorUSU Personal Contest 2007640557

1535The Hobbit or There and Back AgainUSU Personal Contest 2007769464

1536Delights of Pipe-weedUSU Personal Contest 2007397382

1537EntsUSU Personal Contest 20071276281

1538Towers of GuardUSU Personal Contest 20072731278

1539Intelligence DataUSU Personal Contest 20073401034

1540Battle for the RingUSU Personal Contest 20073101130

1541ChaseUSU Personal Contest 20071662055

1542AutocompletionUral Championship 2007554632

1543Dance RevolutionUral Championship 20071562146

1544Classmates 3Ural Championship 20072901187

1545HieroglyphsUral Championship 2007584861

1546Japanese SortingUral Championship 20072771241

1547Password SearchUral Championship 2007424821

1548Sakura and StatisticsUral Championship 20071116961

1549Another Japanese PuzzleUral Championship 20071562146

1550Dean's Pyramid 3Ural Championship 2007607577

1551Sumo TournamentUral Championship 20071172301

1552BrainfuckPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest2621246

1553Caves and TunnelsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest668500

1554Multiplicative FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest546610

1555Find the Treasure!Petrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1812107

1556Multishot in the Secret Cow LevelPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest269417

1557Network AttackPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1881712

1558Periodical NumbersPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest425779

1559TruCoders LinguisticsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest813725

1560Elementary Symmetric FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest334985

1561Winnie the PoohPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1222568

1562GM-pineappleUSU Championship 2007846394

1563BayanUSU Championship 2007492568

1564Counting OnesUSU Championship 2007498664

1565The Duel for ThreeUSU Championship 20072011599

1566Triangular PostcardsUSU Championship 20071092836

1567SMS-spamUSU Championship 2007767944

1568Train Car SortingUSU Championship 20072061562

1569Networking the “Iset”USU Championship 2007329996

1570Eating HighUSU Championship 20073131045

1571InterpretersUSU Championship 2007789422

1572Yekaterinozavodsk Great WellAutumn School Contest 20072206152

1573AlchemyAutumn School Contest 20073073109

1574Mathematicians and bracketsAutumn School Contest 2007911366

1575Yekaterinburg Subway 2Autumn School Contest 2007347943

1576Telephone TariffsAutumn School Contest 20072284147

1577E-mailAutumn School Contest 2007647512

1578Mammoth HuntAutumn School Contest 2007378868

1579Coat TransportationAutumn School Contest 2007666498

1580Dean's DebtsAutumn School Contest 2007361908

1581TeamworkAutumn School Contest 2007751445

1582BookmakersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2863117

1583CheeseNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1901676

1584Pharaohs’ SecretsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2651219

1585PenguinsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional688149

1586Threeprime NumbersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1973169

1587Flying PigNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional415789

1588JamaicaNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1040319

1589SokobanNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional423939

1590Bacon’s CipherNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1328251

1591Abstract ThinkingNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional332980

1592Chinese WatchesNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional564584

1593Square Country. Version 2367759

1594Aztec Treasure474813

1595Perfect Sequence2261161

1596Knight Mare147459

1597Chernobyl’ Eagle on a Roof. Version 2213333

1598DSA Attack163894

1599Winding Number172646

1600AirportUSU Personal Contest 2008598529

1601AntiCAPSUSU Personal Contest 2008347492

1602ElevatorUSU Personal Contest 2008765415

1603EruditeUSU Personal Contest 20081279249

1604Country of FoolsUSU Personal Contest 2008939339

1605Devil's SequenceUSU Personal Contest 2008566558

1606SlalomUSU Personal Contest 2008478659

1607TaxiUSU Personal Contest 2008552758

1608Lucky Tickets 2008Ural Championship 2008346894

1609Tram TileUral Championship 20081052769

1610CactusesUral Championship 20081671799

1611DecimationUral Championship 2008432720

1612Tram ForumUral Championship 20082190145

1613For Fans of StatisticsUral Championship 20081912166

1614National Project “Trams”Ural Championship 2008411756

1615Tram SolitaireUral Championship 20081611862

1616Square Country 4Ural Championship 2008793578

1617Flat SpotsUral Championship 2008465568

1618Arrays PrintingPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest455521

1619Big BrotherPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest476625

1620Clever HousePetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest2091387

1621Definite IntegralPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest485235

1622EndspielPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest823301

1623Fractal LabyrinthPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest863163

1624Go out of here!Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest356748

1625Hankel MatrixPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest312943

1626Interfering SegmentPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest268435

1627JoinPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest2581133

1628White StreaksUSU Championship 2008597491

1629TripUSU Championship 2008403721

1630TalismanUSU Championship 2008321900

1631Drunk King 2USU Championship 2008737399

1632LasersUSU Championship 2008713678

1633HippogriffsUSU Championship 2008416699

1634Spider MiteUSU Championship 20081411973

1635Mnemonics and PalindromesUSU Championship 20081357218

1636Penalty TimeUSU Championship 2008471263

1637Triangle Game 2USU Championship 2008922921

1638BookwormUSU Championship 2008352984

1639Chocolate 2Autumn School Contest 2008823936

1640Circle of WinterAutumn School Contest 20081680175

1641DutiesAutumn School Contest 2008655446

16421D MazeAutumn School Contest 2008308396

1643Attack of the Dark FortressAutumn School Contest 2008644453

1644A Whole Lot of WalnutsAutumn School Contest 2008301998

1645Ski RaceAutumn School Contest 20081543191

1646Godzilla Strikes Back!Autumn School Contest 2008370780

1647Divide an Island!Autumn School Contest 2008373774

1648YachtsAutumn School Contest 2008852344

1649Abstractionism to the PeopleNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional366430

1650BillionairesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional513566

1651Shortest SubchainNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional832351

1652Banking CrisisNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1182311

1653Death ConveyorNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional336878

1654Cipher MessageNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional446366

1655Somali PiratesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1272159

1656Far Away Kingdom's ArmyNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1544190

1657Cube SnakeNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional2221275

1658Sum of DigitsNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1119262

1659Regular TrianglesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional486596

1660The Island of Bad LuckPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest366320

1661DodecahedronPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest584275

1662Goat in the Garden 6Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest554473

1663The Hobbit or There and Back Again 2Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest912878

1664Pipeline TransportationPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest1361991

1665Dean's Financial PyramidPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest709404

1666Vasya FerrariPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest2421154

1667Square Country 3Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest1371978

1668Death Star 2Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest366320

1669Universal WordPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest2181275

1670AsteriskPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1681621

1671Anansi's CobwebPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1674171

1672Droid fliesPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1611098

1673Admission to ExamPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1571728

1674Drunk KingPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest336711

1675Lunar Code 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1561738

1676Mortal KombatPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1681621

1677Monkey at the KeyboardPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1421898

1678Space Poker 3Petrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest219308

1679Scrooge's TowerPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest280995

1680The First NonqualifyingUSU Personal Contest 20091421198

1681Brother Bear's GardenUSU Personal Contest 2009823082

1682Crazy ProfessorUSU Personal Contest 2009478581

1683FridgeUSU Personal Contest 20092189129

1684Jack's Last WordUSU Personal Contest 20091043269

1685OrthographyUSU Personal Contest 20091584178

1686Photovoltaic SpaceshipUSU Personal Contest 20092081301

1687Numismatics for FunUSU Personal Contest 20092461108

1688Team.GOV!USU Personal Contest 20092191129

1689Fisherman and BarbellUSU Personal Contest 2009343803

1690Army of MagesPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest456605

1691Algorithm ComplexityPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest793170

1692Flags for ProvincesPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest837333

1693Loyd's ProblemPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest1610852

1694Killer WordsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest902822

1695Work for RobotsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest902822

1696Salary for RobotsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest297919

1697Sniper ShotPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest484865

1698Square Country 5Petrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest486569

1699Turning TurtlesPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest2471098

1700AwakeningUral Championship 2009647426

1701Ostap and PartnersUral Championship 2009451607

1702CrossroadUral Championship 20091441818

1703Robotic ArmUral Championship 20091351931

1704DemodulationUral Championship 2009982593

1705Gangster HaresUral Championship 2009323841

1706Cipher Message 2Ural Championship 2009464591

1707Hypnotoad's SecretUral Championship 20091551697

1708Sum of Digits 2Ural Championship 20091312172

1709Penguin-AviaUral Championship 20091766158

1710Boris, You Are Wrong!Ural Championship 2009479573

1711Code NamesNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional2136122

1712Cipher GrilleNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional334278

1713Key SubstringsNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional452565

1714Mnemonics and Palindromes 2NEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional902612

1715Another Ball KillerNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional291868

1716Alternative SolutionNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional323784

1717Eligibility RulesNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional1012353

1718RejudgeNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional988262

1719Kill the Shaitan-BossNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional1921293

1720Summit Online JudgeNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional302837

1721Two Sides of the Same CoinNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional504508

1722Observation DeckUral Regional School Programming Contest 20092311081

1723Sandro's BookUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009386167

1724Origin of Man ClarifiedUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009394645

1725Sold Out!Ural Regional School Programming Contest 20091946133

1726VisitsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009931277

1727Znaika's Magic NumbersUral Regional School Programming Contest 20091457178

1728Curse on Team.GOVUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009550465

1729Dead Man's ChestUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009489522

1730ManBearPigUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009259968

1731DillUral Regional School Programming Contest 2009262899

1732Ministry of TruthUSU Championship 2009618412

1733Forgotten TechnologyUSU Championship 2009613648

1734Endgame DatabaseUSU Championship 20091401727

1735Theft of the CenturyUSU Championship 2009962444

1736Chinese HockeyUSU Championship 20092121167

1737Mnemonics and Palindromes 3USU Championship 20091126228

1738Computer SecurityUSU Championship 2009308815

1739FaryuksUSU Championship 2009962444

1740Deer is Better!USU Championship 20091799143

1741Communication FiendUSU Championship 2009920279

1742Team buildingPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest841295

1743Domino SortingPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest268903

1744The Captain's SquadPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1211915

1745Yet Another AnswerPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest262923

1746HyperrookPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1591485

1747Kingdom InspectionPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1981206

1748The Most Complex NumberPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest911272

1749Periodic SumPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1381695

1750Pakhom and the GullyPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest2181101

1751Improbability TheoryPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest723060

1752Tree 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest672368

1753BookshelfUSU Personal Contest 2010826294

1754Explosion in a PyramidUSU Personal Contest 2010463520

1755CakeUSU Personal Contest 2010347690

1756One and a Half DiggersUSU Personal Contest 20101542159

1757Gold BarsUSU Personal Contest 20101251824

1758Bald Spot Revisited 2USU Personal Contest 2010922414

1759Long-LiversUSU Personal Contest 2010631384

1760Infernal WorkUSU Personal Contest 2010425566

1761Binary PalindromeUSU Personal Contest 2010255929

1762Search for a Hiding-PlaceUSU Personal Contest 20101641415

1763Expert FleaUral Championship 2010385071

1764TranssibUral Championship 20101381645

1765Error 404Ural Championship 2010563688

1766Humpty DumptyUral Championship 20101871236

1767The House of Doctor DeeUral Championship 2010385616

1768Circular StringsUral Championship 20102271027

1769Old Ural LegendUral Championship 20101354178

1770The Party of Ural ChampionsUral Championship 20101501521

1771A Deputy's MorningUral Championship 2010414772

1772Ski-Trails for RobotsUral Championship 2010341693

1773Metro to Every HomeUral Championship 2010335705

1774Barber of the Army of MagesUral SU Championship 2010546407

1775Space BowlingUral SU Championship 2010302725

1776Anniversary FireworkUral SU Championship 2010506438

1777AnindilyakwaUral SU Championship 20102071109

1778Chinese Hockey 2Ural SU Championship 2010513708

1779The Great TeamUral SU Championship 2010831269

1780Gray CodeUral SU Championship 2010299732

1781Clean CodeUral SU Championship 20101081917

1782Jack's New WordUral SU Championship 20101271651

1783Nuclear Arms RaceUral SU Championship 2010586380

1784RoundersUral SU Championship 2010227954

1785Lost in LocalizationUral Regional School Programming Contest 20101242818

1786Sandro's BiographyUral Regional School Programming Contest 2010226799

1787Turn for MEGAUral Regional School Programming Contest 2010775429

1788On the Benefits of UmbrellasUral Regional School Programming Contest 20101593141

1789Searching for the DodecahedronUral Regional School Programming Contest 20101219184

1790Searching for the TruthUral Regional School Programming Contest 20101981084

1791Uncle Styopa and BusesUral Regional School Programming Contest 20102021064

1792Hamming CodeUral Regional School Programming Contest 2010297276

1793Tray 2Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2010692321

1794Masterpieces of World ArchitectureUral Regional School Programming Contest 20101301172

1795Husband in a ShopUral Regional School Programming Contest 2010982227

1796Amusement ParkUral Regional School Programming Contest 2010234696

1797Summit Online Judge. Version 2225051

1798Fire Circle. Version 2172802

1799Sasha and swag strings35478

1800Murphy's LawNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1236180

1801The Revolution CupNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional345096

1802Cube PuzzleNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1361536

1803The Czechs' RiflesNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional378578

1804The Machinegunners in a PlayoffNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional717308

1805Chapaev and a Cipher GrilleNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional284763

1806Mobile TelegraphsNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional370590

1807Cartridges for MaximNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1731225

1808Chapaev at the Planet OceanNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1471428

1809Chapaev and PotatoesNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional462475

1810AntiequationsPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest543369

1811Dual-SIM PhonePetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1651232

1812The Island of Bad Luck 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest882200

1813Random ShufflerPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1661225

1814Continued FractionPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest712662

1815Farm in San AndreasPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest523478

1816Troubles with PollardPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1031908

1817Merry-go-roundPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest241859

1818Fair FishermenPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1231621

1819Professional ApproachPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest226739

1820Ural SteaksUSU Personal Contest 2011736329

1821BiathlonUSU Personal Contest 20111404149

1822Hugo II's WarUSU Personal Contest 2011359572

1823Ideal GasUSU Personal Contest 2011770271

1824Ifrit BomberUSU Personal Contest 2011233869

1825Ifrit Bomber 2USU Personal Contest 2011282723

1826MinefieldUSU Personal Contest 2011860243

1827Indigenous WarsUSU Personal Contest 2011211956

1828Approximation by a ProgressionUSU Personal Contest 2011568365

1829Routing TablesUSU Personal Contest 2011762456

1830Help in the RNOSUral Championship 2011271738

1831Tsyfirkin's LessonUral Championship 20111051803

1832Arirang ShowUral Championship 2011280715

1833Hopes of RowingUral Championship 2011802304

1834Tennis RacketUral Championship 2011513399

1835Swamp DoctorUral Championship 2011752439

1836Babel FishUral Championship 2011212934

1837Isenbaev's NumberUral Championship 2011327563

1838Samurai's StrokeUral Championship 2011352573

1839The MentaculusUral Championship 2011922033

1840Victim of AdvertisingUral Championship 2011139015

1841CablewaysPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1011752

1842Local RootsPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest226079

1843Cutting a ParallelepipedPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest582860

1844Warlord of the Army of MagesPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1571165

1845Integer-valued Complex DeterminantPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest433670

1846GCD 2010Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1117173

1847ZamkadyePetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest413814

1848Fly HuntPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest235894

1849Rabbit Hunt 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1011752

1850Space TourismPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest762262

1851GOV-internshipPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1201492

1852Cube in a Cube in a CubePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest941865

1853Laser TechnologiesPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest235877

1854Negotiations with ParthiansPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest507375

1855Trade Guilds of ErathiaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1621128

1856War and PeacePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest552984

1857Alice and BandersnatchPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1831005

1858Magic CubePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest523128

1859Last Season of Team.GOVPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest622694

1860FiborialPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest471403

1861Graveyard in DeyjaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest291644

1862Very Wealthy MoleUral FU Championship 20111671085

1863Peaceful AtomUral FU Championship 2011193946

1864Get-Together at Den'sUral FU Championship 20111286148

1865The Island of MärketUral FU Championship 2011632631

1866Poetic FootUral FU Championship 2011296628

1867NanotechnologiesUral FU Championship 2011802134

1868Prediction ContestUral FU Championship 20111447132

1869New Year CruiseUral FU Championship 20111002190

1870Zinium 2Ural FU Championship 2011360519

1871Seismic WavesUral FU Championship 2011362516

1872Spacious OfficeUral FU Championship 2011262706

1873GOV ChroniclesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011385485

1874Football GoalUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111135167

1875Angry BirdsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011243757

1876Centipede's MorningUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011369352

1877Bicycle CodesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011857122

1878Rubinchik's CubeUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111127168

1879GOV-internship 2Ural Regional School Programming Contest 20111681076

1880Psych Up's EigenvaluesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011590332

1881Long problem statementUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011345755

1882Old NokiaUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011732307

1883Ent's BirthdayUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011189962

1884Way to the UniversityUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011376496

1885Passenger ComfortNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional955198

1886Trip 2NEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1161514

1887Frequent Flyer CardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional185979

1888Pilot Work ExperienceNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional495378

1889Airport AnnouncementsNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional785240

1890Money out of Thin AirNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional416448

1891Language OceanNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional363512

1892Morning in KoltsovoNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional295626

1893A380NEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional341556

1894Non-Flying WeatherNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1071631

1895Steaks on BoardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional712356

1896War Games 2.1291403

1900Brainwashing DeviceUral Championship 2012345451

1901Space ElevatorsUral Championship 2012419373

1902Neo-VeniceUral Championship 2012169694

1903Unidentified ShipsUral Championship 2012238645

1904The Lessons of the PastUral Championship 2012476329

1905Travel in TimeUral Championship 2012169894

1906The Lost CivilizationUral Championship 2012166152

1907Coffee and BunsUral Championship 20121461025

1908Brute-force SearchUral Championship 2012881632

1909Space ReconUral Championship 2012383332

1910Titan Ruins: Hidden EntranceNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional459035

1911Titan Ruins: Overtaking FireNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional482747

1912Titan Ruins: Passing through WallsNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional208731

1913Titan Ruins: Alignment of ForcesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1201226

1914Titan Ruins: Serial ControlNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional373390

1915Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of BygonesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional955165

1916Titan Ruins: Waiting for StabilityNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional662097

1917Titan Ruins: Deadly AccuracyNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional895176

1918Titan Ruins: Artful ManipulationsNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional230664

1919Titan Ruins: Transformation of CylindersNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional971489

1920Titan Ruins: the Infinite Power of MagicNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional323479

1921Chaos and OrderUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012163918

1922Superhero TeamUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012639245

1923Scary PoliticsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012388399

1924Four ImpsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012430037

1925British Scientists Save the WorldUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012253262

1926The Tournament of IntelligencesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012206735

1927Herbs and MagicUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012181831

1928Another Ecology ProblemUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012272563

1929Teddybears are not for EveryoneUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012562278

1930Ivan's CarUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012871180

1931Excellent TeamUral FU Championship 20121096142

1932The Secret of IdentifierUral FU Championship 2012218691

1933Guns for Battle!Ural FU Championship 2012534290

1934Black SpotUral FU Championship 2012513301

1935Tears of DrownedUral FU Championship 2012202677

1936RoshamboUral FU Championship 2012177842

1937Davy Jones’s OrganUral FU Championship 2012155955

1938Caribbean TriangleUral FU Championship 2012353501

1939First SealUral FU Championship 2012252601

1940Not So Simple YearsUral FU Championship 2012224673

1941Scary Martian WordUral FU Personal Contest 2012469319

1942Attack at the OrbitUral FU Personal Contest 2012341435

1943Space RummyUral FU Personal Contest 2012222658

1944Record of the Attack at the OrbitUral FU Personal Contest 2012849178

1945Many-armed BrothersUral FU Personal Contest 2012572279

1946Chinese Hockey 3Ural FU Personal Contest 20121061317

1947MeanderUral FU Personal Contest 20121051328

1948The Robot on the LineUral FU Personal Contest 2012153937

1949The Best Picture in the GalaxyUral FU Personal Contest 2012145985

1950Martian FarmlandsUral FU Personal Contest 2012921497

1951Complex RootPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection961311

1952To Kill the DragonPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection49926

1953Biggest Inscribed EllipsePetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection781580

1954Five PalindromesPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection263861

1955Boss, I Can See You!Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection343159

1956Fire SignalsPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection881418

1957MundialPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection363022

1958Algorithm of Professor IvanovPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection402780

1959GOV-internship 3Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection185713

1960Palindromes and Super AbilitiesPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection284473

1961Cantonese DialectUral FU Personal Contest 2013196672

1962In Chinese RestaurantUral FU Personal Contest 2013226587

1963KiteUral FU Personal Contest 2013347388

1964Chinese DialectsUral FU Personal Contest 2013980140

1965Pear TreesUral FU Personal Contest 2013134961

1966Cycling RoadsUral FU Personal Contest 2013230577

1967Programmer CasinoUral FU Personal Contest 2013224325

1968Glass PyramidUral FU Personal Contest 20131091163

1969Hong Kong TramUral FU Personal Contest 2013582035

1970皇后像廣場Ural FU Personal Contest 2013148876

1971Graphics SettingsUral Championship 2013265490

1972Game TestingUral Championship 2013442498

1973Location GeneratorUral Championship 2013234087

1974Similar TunesUral Championship 2013162784

1975Model of the EarthUral Championship 2013333137

1976Game OptimizationUral Championship 2013125999

1977Energy WallUral Championship 2013552075

1978E-LiteUral Championship 2013462409

1979Resources DistributionUral Championship 2013126992

1980Road to InvestorUral Championship 2013251517

1981Parallel and PerpendicularUral FU Championship 2013453277

1982Electrification PlanUral FU Championship 2013970131

1983Nectar GatheringUral FU Championship 20131171011

1984Dummy GuyUral FU Championship 2013855148

1985Prime SquareUral FU Championship 2013961212

1986Paul’s SaladsUral FU Championship 2013157769

1987Nested SegmentsUral FU Championship 2013617205

1988Planet Ocean LandingUral FU Championship 2013153788

1989SubpalindromesUral FU Championship 2013412304

1990PodracingNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional199612

1991The battle near the swampNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional252151

1992CVSNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional388321

1993This cheeseburger you don't needNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional823153

1994The Emperor's planNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional177684

1995Illegal spicesNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional319389

1996Cipher Message 3NEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional151794

1997Those are not the droids you're looking forNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional348357

1998The old PadawanNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional479261

1999The secret moduleNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional214124

2000Grand Theft Array VUral Regional School Programming Contest 20131007125

2001Mathematicians and BerriesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013445528

2002Test TaskUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013184268

2003Simple MagicUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013491253

2004Scientists from SpilkovoUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013230528

2005Taxi for ProgrammersUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013170374

2006Kirill the GardenerUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013382639

2007Mutants versus MachinesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013971184

2008SwiftyUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013172696

2009Canteen LineUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013225539

2010Sasha the Young GrandmasterUral Regional School Programming Contest 20131235102

2011Long StatementUral Regional School Programming Contest 2013158879

2012About Grisha N.NEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional454422

2013Neither shaken nor stirredNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional167560

2014Zhenya moves from parentsNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional254376

2015Zhenya moves from the dormitoryNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional497196

2016Magic and ScienceNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional124506

2017Best of a bad lotNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional107847

2018The Debut AlbumNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional874112

2019Pair: normal and paranormalNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional541180

2020Traffic Jam in Flower TownNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional824119

2021Scarily interesting!NEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional339284

2022Riding a ToadNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional382065

2023Donald is a postmanNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional248840

2024Adventure TimeUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014436220

2025Line FightingUral Regional School Programming Contest 201499198

2026Dean and ScheduleUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014270350

2027URCAPL, Episode 1Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2014295321

2028URCAPL, Episode 2Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2014179519

2029Towers of Hanoi Strike BackUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014228412

2030Awesome Backup SystemUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014245384

2031Overturned NumbersUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014125478

2032Conspiracy Theory and RebrandingUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014180516

2033DevicesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014100197

2034CaravansUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014359266

2035Another Dress RehearsalUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014140369

2036Intersect Until You're Sick of ItPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest87993

2037Richness of binary wordsPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest119747

2038Minimum Vertex CoverPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest501605

2039Striped SquarePetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest104815

2040Palindromes and Super Abilities 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest162560

2041NanomatryoshkasPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest571438

2042NikitaPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest134188

2043Kirill the Gardener 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest203211

204431 PalindromesPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest302408

2045Richness of wordsPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest208442

2046The First Day at SchoolUral Championship 2015249320

2047MathsUral Championship 2015209378

2048HistoryUral Championship 2015148524

2049ChemistryUral Championship 2015153313

20503D-modelingUral Championship 2015431563

2051PhysicsUral Championship 2015232510

2052Physical EducationUral Championship 201593804

2053BiologyUral Championship 2015282179

2054AstronomyUral Championship 201594357

2055Urban GeographyUral Championship 2015661090

2056ScholarshipUral Championship 201588493

2057Non-palidromic cuttingPalindromic Contest 133364

2058100500 palidnromesPalindromic Contest 291984

2059Not common palindromesPalindromic Contest 481334

2060Subpalindrome pairsPalindromic Contest 114624

2061OEIS A216264Palindromic Contest 133364

2062Ambitious ExperimentUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015183361

2063Black and WhiteUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015190348

2064CaterpillarsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015121532

2065Different SumsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015360188

2066Simple ExpressionUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015170341

2067Friends and BerriesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015281239

2068Game of NutsUral Regional School Programming Contest 201580186

2069Hard RockUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015466146

2070Interesting NumbersUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015344197

2071Juice CocktailsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015146447

2072Kirill the Gardener 3Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2015346196

2073Log FilesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015459149

2074Timus problems classifierQualification of eastern subregional contest 2015109503

2075Take care of your eyebrows!Qualification of eastern subregional contest 2015231814

2076VasianaQualification of eastern subregional contest 201544277

2077ReductionsQualification of eastern subregional contest 201553992

2078Bowling gameUral Championship 2016127378

2079Memory leaksUral Championship 201673046

2080WalletUral Championship 201687534

2081Faulty dialUral Championship 2016121395

2082PokerUral Championship 201633947

2083The Guardian of TraditionsUral Championship 2016102589

2084Technical debtUral Championship 2016112466

2085Magic ProgrammerUral Championship 2016291328

2086Find DenisUral Championship 201653452

2087TrainsUral Championship 201692725

2088Nostalgic EveningUral Championship 201653365

2089Experienced coachUral Championship 201684551

2090Crossroads of DestinyUral FU Personal Contest 2014122232

2091Natural SelectionUral FU Personal Contest 2014285166

2092BoleroUral FU Personal Contest 201469622

2093All Roads Lead to SnowdriftUral FU Personal Contest 201444909

2094Thousand ImpsUral FU Personal Contest 201414464

2095ScrumUral FU Personal Contest 2014234201

2096All InclusiveUral FU Personal Contest 2014161889

2097Snowboarding on SpilnayaUral FU Personal Contest 2014271327

2098Lada PrioraUral FU Personal Contest 2014224210

2099Space InvaderUral FU Personal Contest 2014105427