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Problem set. Geometry Problems


1020RopeAutumn School Contest 200012812103

1030TitanicUral Championship 19991563840

1043Cover an ArcUSU Championship 20008221573

1046Geometrical DreamsUSU Local Contest. March 20006961831

1052Rabbit HuntUSU Local Contest. March 20005757224

1058ChocolateNEERC 2000 Central Subregional4352894

1065FrontierNEERC 20008741383

1075Thread in a SpaceUSU Personal Contest 20014962349

1084Goat in the GardenSpring School Contest 20017950146

1093DartsUSU Local Contest. March 20015671921

1103Pencils and CirclesTetrahedron Team Online Contest May 2001839502

1111SquaresBulgarian Online Contest September 20011071397

1130Nikifor's WalkUSU Championship 2001430976

1159FenceNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional581729

1163ChapaevNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2141922

1168Radio StationsRomanian Online Contest December 2001595712

1170DesertRomanian Online Contest December 20012801485

1185WallNEERC 20011344319

1192Ball in a DreamSpring School Contest 20023914110


1207Median on the PlaneUSU Local Contest. March 20022485173

1215Exactness of Projectile HitAutumn School Contest 20021428304

1232Asteroid LandingNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1852242

1234BricksNEERC 2002643671

1239Ghost BustersNEERC 20021412900

1246Tethered DogUSU Personal Contest 20031260346

1256Cemetery GuardUSU Local Contest. March 20031832279

1258PoolAutumn School Contest 20031012434

1265MirrorUSU Championship 20032901480

1271Sailing DirectionsUSU Championship 2003854674

1281River BasinNEERC 2003 Central Subregional3121380

1285Thread in a HyperspaceUSU Personal Contest 20042271883

1294Mars SatellitesSpring School Contest 20041399317

1305Convex HullUral Championship 1998609722

1308Dean's PyramidUral Championship 2004. Round 11532743

1312TrayUral Championship 2004. Round 11472847

1317HailUral Championship 2004. Round 24021085

1328FireballAutumn School Contest 20043251344

1331VladislavaAutumn School Contest 2004448983

1332Genie BomberAutumn School Contest 2004697637

1333Genie Bomber 2Autumn School Contest 20042038220

1340CucarachaUSU Championship 2004844809

1341DeviceUSU Championship 20043991105

1348Goat in the Garden 2Spring School Contest 20052322194

1351Good Gnusmas – Dead GnusmasSpring School Contest 2005820545

1372Death StarUral Championship 2005. Round 1715610

1373Pictura ex MachinaUral Championship 2005. Round 1520857

1384Goat in the Garden 4Petrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest765285

1397Points Game2211797

1405Goat in the Garden 5Autumn School Contest 2005619722

1412Autumn TideUSU Championship 20052921499

1415Mobile LifeUSU Championship 2005399237

1418Military StoryUSU Championship 2005466951

1422FirefliesTimus Top Coders: First Challenge483893

1429BiscuitsTimus Top Coders: First Challenge1402937

1436BillboardUSU Personal Contest 2006509846

1442Floo PowderUral Championship 20061303111

1444ElephpotamusUral Championship 20064041052

1451Beerhouse TaleTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge433976

1460WiresPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest944036

1464LightPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest1342915

1469No Smoking!Petrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest3651107

1475Ryaba HenPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest884235

1477AirplanesPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1302964

1482Triangle GameUSU Championship 20061282997

1489Points on a ParallelepipedAutumn School Contest 20061024399

1504Good MannersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1722260

1514National ParkTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2151804

1520Empire Strikes BackTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1452619

1538Towers of GuardUSU Personal Contest 20073161219

1550Dean's Pyramid 3Ural Championship 2007650594

1556Multishot in the Secret Cow LevelPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest328955

1562GM-pineappleUSU Championship 2007909408

1566Triangular PostcardsUSU Championship 20071162973

1572Yekaterinozavodsk Great WellAutumn School Contest 20072575145

1578Mammoth HuntAutumn School Contest 2007417876

1583CheeseNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2011765

1588JamaicaNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1154320

1599Winding Number402471

1600AirportUSU Personal Contest 2008656540

1616Square Country 4Ural Championship 2008873677

1626Interfering SegmentPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest357616

1632LasersUSU Championship 2008783833

1637Triangle Game 2USU Championship 20081042959

1640Circle of WinterAutumn School Contest 20081977169

1647Divide an Island!Autumn School Contest 2008418785

1653Death ConveyorNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional386985

1659Regular TrianglesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional533617

1660The Island of Bad LuckPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest426356

1662Goat in the Garden 6Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest654407

1679Scrooge's TowerPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest319998

1681Brother Bear's GardenUSU Personal Contest 2009913206

1686Photovoltaic SpaceshipUSU Personal Contest 20092351322

1697Sniper ShotPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest525201

1703Robotic ArmUral Championship 20091591896

1710Boris, You Are Wrong!Ural Championship 2009528596

1719Kill the Shaitan-BossNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional2161339

1722Observation DeckUral Regional School Programming Contest 20092511157

1733Forgotten TechnologyUSU Championship 2009634118

1750Pakhom and the GullyPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest2391177

1753BookshelfUSU Personal Contest 2010948301

1754Explosion in a PyramidUSU Personal Contest 2010491576

1768Circular StringsUral Championship 20102651039

1775Space BowlingUral SU Championship 2010329795

1793Tray 2Ural Regional School Programming Contest 2010771344

1808Chapaev at the Planet OceanNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1541633

1824Ifrit BomberUSU Personal Contest 2011261943

1825Ifrit Bomber 2USU Personal Contest 2011316784

1836Babel FishUral Championship 2011248976

1839The MentaculusUral Championship 20111072152

1840Victim of AdvertisingUral Championship 2011218123

1874Football GoalUral Regional School Programming Contest 20111388169

1875Angry BirdsUral Regional School Programming Contest 2011271843

1883Ent's BirthdayUral Regional School Programming Contest 20112141057

1894Non-Flying WeatherNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1301687

1909Space ReconUral Championship 2012473633

1913Titan Ruins: Alignment of ForcesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1351424

1919Titan Ruins: Transformation of CylindersNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1091736

1927Herbs and MagicUral Regional School Programming Contest 2012208945

1938Caribbean TriangleUral FU Championship 2012414016

1955Boss, I Can See You!Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection572796

1956Fire SignalsPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection722284

1963KiteUral FU Personal Contest 2013424430

1983Nectar GatheringUral FU Championship 20131361215

1988Planet Ocean LandingUral FU Championship 2013184914

2016Magic and ScienceNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional155987

2032Conspiracy Theory and RebrandingUral Regional School Programming Contest 2014234609

20503D-modelingUral Championship 2015552066

2054AstronomyUral Championship 2015145594

2067Friends and BerriesUral Regional School Programming Contest 2015473252

2076VasianaQualification of eastern subregional contest 201586257

2099Space InvaderUral FU Personal Contest 2014189515

2101Knight's ShieldUral FU Junior Championship 2016581366