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Problem set. Petrozavodsk Training Camp


1380Ostap's ChessPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1024020

1381Cockroaches in the BuildingPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1193491

1382Game with CardsPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2311868

1383Flower-garden DesignsPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2313645

1384Goat in the Garden 4Petrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest755298

1385Interesting NumberPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1835244

1386MazePetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest3761167

1387Vasya's DadPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest2741586

1388PhotoPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest1816082

1389RoadworksPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest682651

1390Shots at WallsPetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest379581

1391SnakePetrozavodsk Summer 2005. Moscow+Ural Contest775176

1459Archer's TravelPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest2321716

1460WiresPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest943993

1461Christmas GarlandPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest3961023

1462Uncle Scrooge's GoldPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest461882

1463Happiness to People!Petrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest618661

1464LightPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest1342884

1465Pawn GamePetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest776528

1466Magic SquarePetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest1223146

1467Sum of DegreesPetrozavodsk Winter 2006. USU Contest3271232

1468FractionPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest483833

1469No Smoking!Petrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest3421166

1470UFOsPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1519268

1471Distance in the TreePetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1771230

1472Martian ArmyPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest3501140

1473Farm 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest715068

1474About FrogsPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest565714

1475Ryaba HenPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest874232

1476Lunar CodePetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest2661487

1477AirplanesPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest1292953

1478Spy SatellitesPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest973837

1479Scheduled CheckingPetrozavodsk Summer 2006. Ural+Orel Contest655473

1522FactoryPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2001878

1523K-inversionsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1183331

1524Men in BlackPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2212322

1525PathPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest801486

1526Martian PlatesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2791364

1527Bad RoadsPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2811355

1528SequencePetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest1505260

1529Game of SquaresPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest884024

1530Ones and ZeroesPetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest440876

1531Zones on a PlanePetrozavodsk Winter 2007. D.Gozman Contest2861332

1552BrainfuckPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest2791285

1553Caves and TunnelsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest932394

1554Multiplicative FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest588621

1555Find the Treasure!Petrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest2211603

1556Multishot in the Secret Cow LevelPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest328840

1557Network AttackPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest2141658

1558Periodical NumbersPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest443820

1559TruCoders LinguisticsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest883789

1560Elementary Symmetric FunctionsPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest368982

1561Winnie the PoohPetrozavodsk Summer 2007. NSU Contest1262730

1618Arrays PrintingPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest594894

1619Big BrotherPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest503658

1620Clever HousePetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest2321395

1621Definite IntegralPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest624690

1622EndspielPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest953216

1623Fractal LabyrinthPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest953216

1624Go out of here!Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest436371

1625Hankel MatrixPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest338970

1626Interfering SegmentPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest357504

1627JoinPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. ITMO Contest3151039

1660The Island of Bad LuckPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest426257

1661DodecahedronPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest684171

1662Goat in the Garden 6Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest654338

1663The Hobbit or There and Back Again 2Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest1122667

1664Pipeline TransportationPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest1531996

1665Dean's Financial PyramidPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest779412

1666Vasya FerrariPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest2651183

1667Square Country 3Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest1621892

1668Death Star 2Petrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest446025

1669Universal WordPetrozavodsk Winter 2008. USU Contest2451276

1670AsteriskPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1851658

1671Anansi's CobwebPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest2114152

1672Droid fliesPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest2110429

1673Admission to ExamPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1971562

1674Drunk KingPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest416340

1675Lunar Code 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1811693

1676Mortal KombatPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1861650

1677Monkey at the KeyboardPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest1731767

1678Space Poker 3Petrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest298290

1679Scrooge's TowerPetrozavodsk Summer 2008. USU Contest315995

1690Army of MagesPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest502620

1691Algorithm ComplexityPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest953021

1692Flags for ProvincesPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest909345

1693Loyd's ProblemPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest2010574

1694Killer WordsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest1102644

1695Work for RobotsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest1012858

1696Salary for RobotsPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest354872

1697Sniper ShotPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest525116

1698Square Country 5Petrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest535582

1699Turning TurtlesPetrozavodsk Winter 2009. USU Contest2901057

1742Team buildingPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest963296

1743Domino SortingPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest311896

1744The Captain's SquadPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1381943

1745Yet Another AnswerPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest316882

1746HyperrookPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1781529

1747Kingdom InspectionPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest2221239

1748The Most Complex NumberPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1073265

1749Periodic SumPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest1521775

1750Pakhom and the GullyPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest2371164

1751Improbability TheoryPetrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest813160

1752Tree 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2009. Ufa SATU Contest829343

1810AntiequationsPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest623527

1811Dual-SIM PhonePetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1931251

1812The Island of Bad Luck 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest942442

1813Random ShufflerPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1741380

1814Continued FractionPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest802822

1815Farm in San AndreasPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest563848

1816Troubles with PollardPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1072171

1817Merry-go-roundPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest273897

1818Fair FishermenPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest1311801

1819Professional ApproachPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. Tavrida NU Contest306349

1841CablewaysPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1111933

1842Local RootsPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest295997

1843Cutting a ParallelepipedPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest613294

1844Warlord of the Army of MagesPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1681314

1845Integer-valued Complex DeterminantPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest513834

1846GCD 2010Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1478157

1847ZamkadyePetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest474103

1848Fly HuntPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest325568

1849Rabbit Hunt 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest1042051

1850Space TourismPetrozavodsk Summer 2010. USU Contest822542

1851GOV-internshipPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1561406

1852Cube in a Cube in a CubePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1012102

1853Laser TechnologiesPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest276306

1854Negotiations with ParthiansPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest598384

1855Trade Guilds of ErathiaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest1851197

1856War and PeacePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest623241

1857Alice and BandersnatchPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest2031096

1858Magic CubePetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest573483

1859Last Season of Team.GOVPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest673031

1860FiborialPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest549417

1861Graveyard in DeyjaPetrozavodsk Summer 2011. Ural SU Team.GOV Contest328690

1951Complex RootPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection1141460

1952To Kill the DragonPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection99528

1953Biggest Inscribed EllipsePetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection841926

1954Five PalindromesPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection393695

1955Boss, I Can See You!Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection493069

1956Fire SignalsPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection1071548

1957MundialPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection443353

1958Algorithm of Professor IvanovPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection503018

1959GOV-internship 3Petrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection204846

1960Palindromes and Super AbilitiesPetrozavodsk Winter 2013. Kontur Cup. ChU 2013 Selection401441

2036Intersect Until You're Sick of ItPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest1131142

2037Richness of binary wordsPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest142924

2038Minimum Vertex CoverPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest621951

2039Striped SquarePetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest165402

2040Palindromes and Super Abilities 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest213630

2041NanomatryoshkasPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest711734

2042NikitaPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest234257

2043Kirill the Gardener 2Petrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest293602

204431 PalindromesPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest492381

2045Richness of wordsPetrozavodsk Summer 2014. Ural FU Dandelion Contest297458