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Problem set. NEERC Subregionals


1053PinocchioNEERC 2000 Central Subregional4052304

1054Hanoi TowerNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1925639

1055CombinationsNEERC 2000 Central Subregional3214384

1056Computer NetNEERC 2000 Central Subregional2351524

1057Amount of DegreesNEERC 2000 Central Subregional1758699

1058ChocolateNEERC 2000 Central Subregional4152903

1059ExpressionNEERC 2000 Central Subregional2028607

1133Fibonacci SequenceNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2217185

1134CardsNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2296179

1135RecruitsNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2501164

1136ParliamentNEERC 2001 Central Subregional4043102

1137Bus RoutesNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1335307

1138Integer PercentageNEERC 2001 Central Subregional2058199

1139City BlocksNEERC 2001 Central Subregional509781

1140Swamp IncidentNEERC 2001 Central Subregional1127363

1158Censored!NEERC 2001 Northern Subregional807506

1159FenceNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional569714

1160NetworkNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1282326

1161StripiesNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional442893

1162Currency ExchangeNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional874467

1163ChapaevNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2091887

1164FillwordNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional2106195

1165SubnumberNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional477848

1166Funny Card GameNEERC 2001 Northern Subregional1163387

1224SpiralNEERC 2002 Central Subregional592271

1225FlagsNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1009342

1226esreveR redrONEERC 2002 Central Subregional3648115

1227Rally ChampionshipNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1330313

1228ArrayNEERC 2002 Central Subregional4007105

1229Strong BrickworkNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1079386

1230Introspective ProgramNEERC 2002 Central Subregional575718

1231Turing: One, Two, Three, …NEERC 2002 Central Subregional1932069

1232Asteroid LandingNEERC 2002 Central Subregional1842165

1274Fractional ArithmeticNEERC 2003 Central Subregional617681

1275Knights of the Round TableNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1572558

1276TrainNEERC 2003 Central Subregional527796

1277Cops and ThievesNEERC 2003 Central Subregional518809

1278“… Connecting People”NEERC 2003 Central Subregional437956

1279WarehouseNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1103384

1280Topological SortingNEERC 2003 Central Subregional2694158

1281River BasinNEERC 2003 Central Subregional3081343

1282Game TreeNEERC 2003 Central Subregional1221347

1500Pass LicensesNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional593652

1501Sense of BeautyNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1409277

1502Domino DotsNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional497879

1503PolynomialNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2101787

1504Good MannersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1672222

1505Oil TransferNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional1272870

1506Columns of NumbersNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2379165

1507Difficult DecisionNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional923421

1508Japanese PuzzleNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional2251673

1509Domino RecognitionNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional983641

1510OrderNEERC 2006 Eastern Subregional426092

1582BookmakersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional3004117

1583CheeseNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1951723

1584Pharaohs’ SecretsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2841202

1585PenguinsNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional768946

1586Threeprime NumbersNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional2186161

1587Flying PigNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional429805

1588JamaicaNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1088322

1589SokobanNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional523550

1590Bacon’s CipherNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional1495235

1591Abstract ThinkingNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional355968

1592Chinese WatchesNEERC 2007 Eastern Subregional595584

1649Abstractionism to the PeopleNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional386561

1650BillionairesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional589526

1651Shortest SubchainNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional898347

1652Banking CrisisNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1192441

1653Death ConveyorNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional366846

1654Cipher MessageNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional484465

1655Somali PiratesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1392114

1656Far Away Kingdom's ArmyNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1623193

1657Cube SnakeNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional2361280

1658Sum of DigitsNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional1255249

1659Regular TrianglesNEERC 2008 Eastern Subregional511604

1711Code NamesNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional2273123

1712Cipher GrilleNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional355579

1713Key SubstringsNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional469587

1714Mnemonics and Palindromes 2NEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional962654

1715Another Ball KillerNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional311876

1716Alternative SolutionNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional372736

1717Eligibility RulesNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional1082384

1718RejudgeNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional1047266

1719Kill the Shaitan-BossNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional2071296

1720Summit Online JudgeNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional323845

1721Two Sides of the Same CoinNEERC 2009 Eastern Subregional528523

1800Murphy's LawNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1333183

1801The Revolution CupNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional395007

1802Cube PuzzleNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1431603

1803The Czechs' RiflesNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional397603

1804The Machinegunners in a PlayoffNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional757320

1805Chapaev and a Cipher GrilleNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional291815

1806Mobile TelegraphsNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional398601

1807Cartridges for MaximNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1821278

1808Chapaev at the Planet OceanNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional1471563

1809Chapaev and PotatoesNEERC 2010 Eastern Subregional483498

1885Passenger ComfortNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1073197

1886Trip 2NEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1231600

1887Frequent Flyer CardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1971028

1888Pilot Work ExperienceNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional532393

1889Airport AnnouncementsNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional830253

1890Money out of Thin AirNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional456457

1891Language OceanNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional383542

1892Morning in KoltsovoNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional306674

1893A380NEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional378256

1894Non-Flying WeatherNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional1241588

1895Steaks on BoardNEERC 2011 Eastern Subregional782419

1910Titan Ruins: Hidden EntranceNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional529434

1911Titan Ruins: Overtaking FireNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional503037

1912Titan Ruins: Passing through WallsNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional222785

1913Titan Ruins: Alignment of ForcesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1281320

1914Titan Ruins: Serial ControlNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional413573

1915Titan Ruins: Reconstruction of BygonesNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1030175

1916Titan Ruins: Waiting for StabilityNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional692307

1917Titan Ruins: Deadly AccuracyNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional963187

1918Titan Ruins: Artful ManipulationsNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional248706

1919Titan Ruins: Transformation of CylindersNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional1031613

1920Titan Ruins: the Infinite Power of MagicNEERC 2012 Eastern Subregional345513

1990PodracingNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional212683

1991The battle near the swampNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional317448

1992CVSNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional461322

1993This cheeseburger you don't needNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional929161

1994The Emperor's planNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional192750

1995Illegal spicesNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional353418

1996Cipher Message 3NEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional167856

1997Those are not the droids you're looking forNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional379390

1998The old PadawanNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional534279

1999The secret moduleNEERC 2013 Eastern Subregional234593

2012About Grisha N.NEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional633719

2013Neither shaken nor stirredNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional181647

2014Zhenya moves from parentsNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional296404

2015Zhenya moves from the dormitoryNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional567214

2016Magic and ScienceNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional145152

2017Best of a bad lotNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional121944

2018The Debut AlbumNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional1194103

2019Pair: normal and paranormalNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional611199

2020Traffic Jam in Flower TownNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional977125

2021Scarily interesting!NEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional396305

2022Riding a ToadNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional422378

2023Donald is a postmanNEERC 2014 Eastern Subregional327438

2074Timus problems classifierQualification of eastern subregional contest 2015139574

2075Take care of your eyebrows!Qualification of eastern subregional contest 2015302136

2076VasianaQualification of eastern subregional contest 201584747

2077ReductionsQualification of eastern subregional contest 2015123884