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Problem set. Timus Top Coders Contests


1421Credit OperationsTimus Top Coders: First Challenge791550

1422FirefliesTimus Top Coders: First Challenge483893

1423String TaleTimus Top Coders: First Challenge2397183

1424MinibusTimus Top Coders: First Challenge585740

1425Queen 2Timus Top Coders: First Challenge2401762

1426RectanglesTimus Top Coders: First Challenge755182

1427SMSTimus Top Coders: First Challenge1172373

1428Jedi RiddleTimus Top Coders: First Challenge897486

1429BiscuitsTimus Top Coders: First Challenge1402936

1430Crime and PunishmentTimus Top Coders: First Challenge930469

1449Credit Operations 2Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge2951418

1450Russian PipelinesTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge1452296

1451Beerhouse TaleTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge433976

1452Pascal vs. C++Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge672634

1453QueenTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge3441221

1454Rectangles 2Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge1592559

1455Freedom of SpeechTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge2091974

1456Jedi Riddle 2Timus Top Coders: Second Challenge551771

1457Heating MainTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge623569

1458War GamesTimus Top Coders: Second Challenge3521195

1511Fiscal OperationsTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge3401160

1512ZiniumTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge496802

1513Lemon TaleTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1018395

1514National ParkTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2151804

1515CashmasterTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1868216

1516NostalgiaTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge2181780

1517Freedom of ChoiceTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1315306

1518Jedi Riddle 3Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge3741057

1519Formula 1Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge958419

1520Empire Strikes BackTimus Top Coders: Third Challenge1452618

1521War Games 2Timus Top Coders: Third Challenge1468275