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Discussion of Problem 1001. Reverse Root

why i get Output limit exceeded on test 1rana hossain1001. Reverse Root18 Jan 2020 18:480  
How can the program recognize when there aren´t more inputs ?Albert1001. Reverse Root18 Jan 2020 00:380  
Test 6 Access ViolationZnol1001. Reverse Root31 Dec 2019 14:430  
What's wrong with this code?Ultra_Satan1001. Reverse Root16 Dec 2019 12:501  
input taken in while loop, sqrt is calculated with 9 point precision then also WA.neel rayal1001. Reverse Root14 Dec 2019 17:590  
Whats wrong? CSanchir1001. Reverse Root10 Nov 2019 22:271  
Why Runtime Error (Access Violation)??Labib Bin Mohtaram1001. Reverse Root10 Nov 2019 22:251  
[python] what I did wrong?emfierro1001. Reverse Root4 Oct 2019 02:090  
help to how to end reading input in javakarthik reddy1001. Reverse Root3 Oct 2019 10:190  
Python solution failing on test 1hackerman4201001. Reverse Root30 Sep 2019 06:560  
C: murder. Help pleaseGeorg1001. Reverse Root8 Sep 2019 11:201  
Why I am getting TLE in c++ ? Please help.Muhammad Abdullah1001. Reverse Root7 Sep 2019 11:050  
Why Runtime errorVlad1001. Reverse Root12 Aug 2019 10:161  
[PYTHON] Can anyone please tell me why this gives wrong answer on test 1? It works fine with my compiler fo a lot of cases.rayneh1001. Reverse Root12 Aug 2019 10:011  
Подскажите в чем трабл?Sprint_me1001. Reverse Root21 Jul 2019 11:061  
1001. Reverse RootSuraj Sharma1001. Reverse Root20 Jun 2019 11:030  
why wrong answer(3)? c++Dima Puz1001. Reverse Root17 Apr 2019 08:092  
C: Whats wrong with task?Nick1001. Reverse Root22 Mar 2019 07:431  
что не так с кодом?Demorald1001. Reverse Root17 Mar 2019 04:010  
why wrong answer? Pascal versionpizza_hunter1001. Reverse Root10 Mar 2019 13:200  

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