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how to solve this problim with geometric way?vnyemets1956. Fire Signals24 May 2020 19:280  
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why wa10?Felix_Mate1987. Nested Segments20 May 2020 23:293  
Code not producing any output?Naman Sharma1654. Cipher Message20 May 2020 13:211  
where is wrong !! already it is working in codeblocksEIASER ARAFAT1068. Sum20 May 2020 08:515  
What about WA16 ?Khujamurod1671. Anansi's Cobweb20 May 2020 00:588  
Test 13gvsmirnov1728. Curse on Team.GOV19 May 2020 20:232  
WA #1 and i couldn't find the mistake! Help, please!KD1003. Parity19 May 2020 19:3719  
if n = 0 or n = 1 ?Tanim1014. Product of Digits19 May 2020 18:513  
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How to solve? Problem with T6...Artyom_Puchkov2104. Game with a Strip18 May 2020 17:101  
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