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If you WA30, try to use Visual Studio C++Hyperhydrochloric Acid1522. Factory23 Apr 2021 12:520  
Пожалуйста, объясните как в действительности можно понять процесс "Not a proof"Val1494. Monobilliards21 Apr 2021 16:035  
I need your help....JG1005. Stone Pile21 Apr 2021 14:300  
For WA11, WA13Mickkie1966. Cycling Roads21 Apr 2021 01:551  
WA 5Solus1471. Distance in the Tree20 Apr 2021 23:091  
Wrong answer on test 28Emanuelco071723. Sandro's Book20 Apr 2021 20:080  
if u have wa in test 3Abid291314. Chase in Subway20 Apr 2021 14:460  
Can someone give me answer to this testcase?Danica Porobic1314. Chase in Subway20 Apr 2021 14:076  
My solution in Python 3 took 0.062s and 220 KB. Can it be faster?Dhruv Somani1545. Hieroglyphs19 Apr 2021 15:392  
hintsAbid291980. Road to Investor19 Apr 2021 15:130  
WA#1 correct answer for sample out test 1Bobojon Bobojonov1263. Elections19 Apr 2021 12:270  
WA 1st test. I dont understand why. Help pls)mrFOXY1226. esreveR redrO19 Apr 2021 11:060  
Omission in English statementOtrebus1317. Hail18 Apr 2021 02:150  
WA2Alibi1471. Distance in the Tree17 Apr 2021 20:381  
TESTSSolus1471. Distance in the Tree17 Apr 2021 19:400  
It's simpleCat361003. Parity17 Apr 2021 15:5514  
looks ok but wrong answer,why?meherin2012. About Grisha N.16 Apr 2021 17:551  
If You have WA 13107th1570. Eating High16 Apr 2021 13:442  
why wa on test 13/??leehark1570. Eating High15 Apr 2021 15:332  
WA10Михаил2143. Victoria!14 Apr 2021 23:322  

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