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WA 28 ???Aleksander1346. Intervals of Monotonicity16 Jun 2021 21:183  
WA#4Shohruh1927. Herbs and Magic16 Jun 2021 15:080  
выдает runtime error pythonana1005. Stone Pile16 Jun 2021 03:220  
what does that mean? " which are the number of the immediate superior"Giorgi Pataraia [Tbilisi SU]1890. Money out of Thin Air15 Jun 2021 23:011  
weak testsVit Demidenko1099. Work Scheduling15 Jun 2021 21:000  
There is issue with Kotlin / Java checker.DENISKA(SSAU)15 Jun 2021 16:000  
Getting MLE for this:||Reza Gharaghani1306. Sequence Median15 Jun 2021 13:140  
#WA3 need test casejim1788. On the Benefits of Umbrellas15 Jun 2021 03:301  
Hintyyll1509. Domino Recognition14 Jun 2021 17:230  
Hint for WA6Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1612. Tram Forum14 Jun 2021 10:155  
WA 25jiyujie1612. Tram Forum14 Jun 2021 10:142  
I hate the time limitSavchuk Nickolay2002. Test Task12 Jun 2021 16:220  
I'm stuck with WA 1yyll1307. Archiver11 Jun 2021 13:120  
Частный случайarcemovicartur@gmail.com1389. Roadworks10 Jun 2021 22:240  
Solution on Python 3.8Savchuk Nickolay1083. Factorials!!!10 Jun 2021 17:520  
The best solution! Only 0.015 sec and 78 Kb!FANTOM1017. Staircases10 Jun 2021 13:109  
What is happening?Savchuk Nickolay1001. Reverse Root10 Jun 2021 03:543  
HINTVarun Sharma1313. Some Words about Sport7 Jun 2021 10:232  
Logrithmyyll1971. Graphics Settings4 Jun 2021 10:180  
Solution C++11KKKK1785. Lost in Localization4 Jun 2021 02:281  

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