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No subjectAlina_malina20081601. AntiCAPS25 Nov 2020 21:060  
Optimize your solution if you got TLE. wiwi2102. Michael and Cryptography25 Nov 2020 20:010  
To everybody who had solved this problemRenat Mullakhanov1188. Library25 Nov 2020 01:564  
if you have WA12 or WA20 try this testsD4nick1354. Palindrome. Again Palindrome25 Nov 2020 01:370  
TLE#9 C# how make it faster? =(Shamov Roman1671. Anansi's Cobweb24 Nov 2020 12:501  
If you have MLE.wiwi1635. Mnemonics and Palindromes22 Nov 2020 16:440  
Look up Fermat's last theoremYongye1349. Farm22 Nov 2020 14:120  
Why do I get WA 1???Bebop1585. Penguins22 Nov 2020 09:330  
Problem 1115 "Ships" now has 2 versions.Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1394. Ships. Version 222 Nov 2020 03:4012  
C# hintZergatul2148. Insane Shot19 Nov 2020 04:590  
What can be the reason of WA 11? I'll be glad if you give some tests.D4nick1118. Nontrivial Numbers19 Nov 2020 04:352  
Why wa 11??wiwi1118. Nontrivial Numbers19 Nov 2020 04:280  
ACD4nick2029. Towers of Hanoi Strike Back17 Nov 2020 17:020  
Visual C++ AcceptedmNT2056. Scholarship17 Nov 2020 15:231  
Не работает△@|\|11L2056. Scholarship17 Nov 2020 14:570  
Python solution failing on test 1hackerman4201001. Reverse Root17 Nov 2020 00:031  
How to decrease mod operations?👾_challenger128_[PermSU]1523. K-inversions16 Nov 2020 18:150  
WA #2Marginean Ciprian2105. Alice and Bob are on Bikes15 Nov 2020 21:071  
No need to overengineer with bitmasks, just use the brute force. Think how you can improve brute force a little one bit ;)mksdbk1005. Stone Pile14 Nov 2020 00:170  
C# Compilation error (time limit exceeded)Zergatul13 Nov 2020 18:091  

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