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SolutionAlikhan Zimanov1003. Parity16 Aug 2022 01:263  
Перевозка опасных грузовGrasshopper15 Aug 2022 18:201  
A good problem to train O(1) priority queue madskillzHarkonnen1959. GOV-internship 315 Aug 2022 10:170  
What is the proper solution? (Got AC with a hack, my solution inside)araifr1569. Networking the “Iset”15 Aug 2022 06:522  
What is test 17?Felix_Mate1569. Networking the “Iset”15 Aug 2022 06:472  
Is the edge direct or undirect?RoBa1569. Networking the “Iset”15 Aug 2022 06:361  
Any tips on solving this problem?Sap1237. Evacuation Plan14 Aug 2022 22:223  
Hintpmartynov1965. Pear Trees14 Aug 2022 08:181  
Can someone explain me why's that test case is impossible?Ivan1133. Fibonacci Sequence14 Aug 2022 02:330  
No subjectIlya1484. Film Rating13 Aug 2022 19:520  
hintironchat(ITMO)2123. Knapsack13 Aug 2022 10:271  
3-rd test time limit exceded, but why? Python 3.8Dmitry1209. 1, 10, 100, 1000...13 Aug 2022 10:110  
I think GCC and Clang can be tuned for better FPU performanceHarkonnen12 Aug 2022 11:380  
Problem 1364 “LaraKiller”. The statement was updated.Sandro (USU)1364. LaraKiller12 Aug 2022 10:381  
What happened with my program on Test #24?198808xc1990. Podracing12 Aug 2022 10:041  
HINTFelix_Mate1926. The Tournament of Intelligences12 Aug 2022 08:464  
WA test 2andrei parvu1713. Key Substrings11 Aug 2022 17:257  
Author could use L, r, /, \ for corners instead of pseudographics :)Harkonnen1006. Square Frames11 Aug 2022 11:560  
Some tests† SiriuS †2140. BitMazeCraft11 Aug 2022 10:291  
How to solve it in O(N)Victor Barinov (TNU)1130. Nikifor's Walk11 Aug 2022 04:2210  

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