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Discussion of Problem 1002. Phone Numbers

What wrong? Solution or syntax output ?isVios1002. Phone Numbers6 May 2022 01:000  
time limit test 5Alexandr1002. Phone Numbers3 Apr 2021 21:455  
WA 3 javamaxormo1002. Phone Numbers9 Jun 2020 00:094  
Why this code in python 3 is not woking here though it is working in Jupyter Notebook ?Prayanshu Singh1002. Phone Numbers10 Apr 2020 12:170  
A closer look!Robert Otome1002. Phone Numbers4 Nov 2019 15:277  
Why doesn't it work? Python 3.6Kirill1002. Phone Numbers13 Oct 2018 23:530  
wrong answer in test case 1 C language bruteforceAnupam Patel1002. Phone Numbers7 Oct 2018 03:590  
Anyone has Test #7?Kitchen Tong1002. Phone Numbers26 Mar 2018 02:390  
Incorrect unswer. UnknownAyrat1002. Phone Numbers20 Mar 2018 19:070  
WA#7 please help!micrus1002. Phone Numbers9 Dec 2017 21:490  
I was trying to it in an clever wayMahilewets1002. Phone Numbers11 Nov 2017 22:145  
Test 6Ramshellcinox1002. Phone Numbers8 Nov 2017 04:051  
Python3 help me to understand, what is wrong? master82821002. Phone Numbers24 Jul 2017 06:330  
Wrong answer on test 2User09611002. Phone Numbers29 May 2017 21:190  
WA Python 3.6nnchaos1002. Phone Numbers9 Mar 2017 02:351  
WA 9 Javakeekkenen1002. Phone Numbers3 Feb 2017 23:570  
WA3.. Don't know errorAditya Hegde1002. Phone Numbers18 Jan 2017 00:132  
Don't know the wrongMukul Barai1002. Phone Numbers3 Jan 2017 21:311  
Don't know why wrongLucas False1002. Phone Numbers7 Nov 2016 00:480  
DonLucas False1002. Phone Numbers7 Nov 2016 00:470  

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