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Discussion of Problem 1003. Parity

How it can be solved with disjoint sets???Enigma [UB of TUIT]1003. Parity19 Sep 2023 21:372  
SolutionAlikhan Zimanov1003. Parity16 Aug 2022 01:263  
runtime error #1inkosta1003. Parity1 Feb 2022 21:520  
It's simpleCat361003. Parity17 Apr 2021 15:5514  
WA #1 and i couldn't find the mistake! Help, please!KD1003. Parity19 May 2020 19:3719  
В условии неверно описан формат тестовyz1003. Parity10 Apr 2020 14:241  
One test to rule them allAfigan1003. Parity13 May 2019 13:561  
i want to know whether there exits this data?yejinru1003. Parity22 Jan 2019 11:082  
Some hintsmonsky1003. Parity4 Jan 2019 16:142  
To Admins. Some testKirom `Ekexity [SESC17]💻1003. Parity17 May 2018 04:260  
First number?monsky1003. Parity29 Oct 2016 23:460  
Why always Memory limit exceeded???David Yin1003. Parity12 Jun 2016 17:351  
Please share your solution with memelkiy1003. Parity29 Mar 2014 23:175  
Runtime error (access violation)shadowElkorchi1003. Parity23 Mar 2014 07:582  
solutionJumaniyaz1003. Parity18 Oct 2013 22:021  
Test 1 is wrong!!!!!!!!!!OIer_cjf1003. Parity30 Aug 2013 19:491  
Length of sequence of numbers.cooky1003. Parity17 Mar 2013 00:392  
read the problem carefullylantimilan1003. Parity20 Jan 2013 04:060  
The test case!earthworm1003. Parity3 Jan 2013 06:350  
Who can help me?WA#1hywwqq1003. Parity20 Nov 2012 17:520  

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