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Discussion of Problem 1004. Sightseeing Trip

Некорректное условиеAlexey Krupnitskiy1004. Sightseeing Trip22 Jul 2022 00:071  
УсловиеDavydes1004. Sightseeing Trip22 Jul 2022 00:022  
Very good test!!!101001004. Sightseeing Trip21 Jul 2022 23:342  
Can I get test #1 ?Andreas Mihaloianis1004. Sightseeing Trip28 Nov 2020 19:095  
if you get WA at test 1 , maybe this can help youliusiqi1004. Sightseeing Trip1 Dec 2019 22:245  
to admin: about multi-edgeAde1004. Sightseeing Trip25 Apr 2017 08:302  
What to do with multiple roads?Ade1004. Sightseeing Trip21 Apr 2017 20:471  
if you have WA3MrBones1004. Sightseeing Trip25 Jan 2017 04:160  
Golang 1.3: Extremely Slow fmt.Scanf Linh Tran Tuan1004. Sightseeing Trip20 May 2016 21:260  
A got AC,but my algo is O(N^3). I know algo O(N*N*logN).Felix_Mate1004. Sightseeing Trip6 Sep 2015 15:490  
TLE #3[FALL] Levon Oganesyan [RAU]1004. Sightseeing Trip23 Aug 2015 18:401  
WA 2Axis1004. Sightseeing Trip19 Aug 2015 02:181  
Ошибка в условии? Лучший путь для Теста 1 = 1->4->1zzox31004. Sightseeing Trip9 Dec 2014 01:065  
How to deal with this problem?pyh1191004. Sightseeing Trip27 Nov 2014 11:436  
Still could be solved by O(n^4) algorithmAlexander Kouprin1004. Sightseeing Trip24 Nov 2014 00:141  
Why Crash(Access Violation) at #1?wuyihao1004. Sightseeing Trip7 Nov 2014 14:241  
use Floyd-Warshall algorithm idiot1231004. Sightseeing Trip18 Sep 2014 13:080  
To admins: please add this testMVM1004. Sightseeing Trip30 Jul 2014 03:310  
Did anyone get AC with O(n4) algo after redjudgement 15 Sep 2013sanok1004. Sightseeing Trip16 Jun 2014 14:100  
I've got TL#1.Is the Test#1 so difficult?cpc1004. Sightseeing Trip17 Mar 2014 04:5914  

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