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Discussion of Problem 1005. Stone Pile

WA9, I'm check all forum topic, all test success, but WA9. Please!!!phfaster1005. Stone Pile17 Nov 2016 19:040  
No subjectGulliput1005. Stone Pile29 Jun 2016 01:310  
AC with N*logNSandu Petrasco1005. Stone Pile23 Jun 2016 14:200  
Выдает ошибку "Runtime error 1"Artem Alieinikov1005. Stone Pile18 Mar 2016 14:411  
Who know test 1?adilchib1005. Stone Pile16 Mar 2016 10:175  
To adminsDmitriy1005. Stone Pile16 Mar 2016 09:570  
Solution without brute forceOleksii Kavka1005. Stone Pile20 Jan 2016 11:402  
For those who have no idea, here is a tipJamil Siam1005. Stone Pile20 Nov 2015 16:580  
Can't resolve problem on ruby, Time Exceed IssueSergey Khvan1005. Stone Pile18 Nov 2015 22:131  
Test 5 Wrong AnswerDmitriy1005. Stone Pile3 Oct 2015 08:244  
hints6ahodir1005. Stone Pile23 Jul 2015 11:427  
Just use brute force, it works. gopher nice byte1005. Stone Pile12 Feb 2015 03:360  
Partition problemSomeone Else1005. Stone Pile24 Dec 2014 01:450  
Help Please, WA test 7Malarg1005. Stone Pile1 Dec 2014 01:581  
What is "mid in the middle" algorithm for solving this problem?Squire [Lviv NU]1005. Stone Pile28 Aug 2014 04:533  
Pay attention to the situation that n=1,or you maybe WA on test#2WYKay1005. Stone Pile19 Jun 2014 06:441  
what algo to follow to solve this? hints pleaseAnupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,India1005. Stone Pile9 Nov 2013 18:5018  
Brute force itMarius Zilenas1005. Stone Pile16 Oct 2013 10:320  
Who solve this problem with DP, ural_ghost1005. Stone Pile28 Sep 2013 19:107  
Brute Force after rejudgeTinyJanssen1005. Stone Pile11 Jun 2013 19:573  

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