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Discussion of Problem 1005. Stone Pile

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It is not possible to find solution using bruteforce for python.master82821005. Stone Pile1 Jan 2021 03:212  
WA8 What is testL_nai1005. Stone Pile28 Dec 2020 21:032  
WA#8. Give me some testsIlya1005. Stone Pile28 Dec 2020 21:032  
WA #9; Code reviewthrashzone1005. Stone Pile20 Dec 2020 03:222  
No need to overengineer with bitmasks, just use the brute force. Think how you can improve brute force a little one bit ;)mksdbk1005. Stone Pile14 Nov 2020 00:171  
How many ways to color the wall with red and black ?mksdbk1005. Stone Pile9 Nov 2020 06:471  
How to reach high efficiencykumiya1005. Stone Pile3 Nov 2020 20:093  
No subjectBekmuhamet1005. Stone Pile12 Aug 2020 14:351  
solve by bitmaskNamjmus Sakib Rashid1005. Stone Pile22 Jul 2020 19:321  
No subjectasdfg1005. Stone Pile22 Mar 2020 21:192  
#3asdfg1005. Stone Pile16 Mar 2020 11:001  
WA 5Vadim Kostenko1005. Stone Pile11 Dec 2019 18:174  
Python3 На третьем тесте превышаю лимит времениDesserg1005. Stone Pile13 Nov 2019 11:222  
Help, please. All the tests from comments give correct answers, why 7 WA?Artyom1005. Stone Pile12 Nov 2019 13:411  
Не проходит 9 тест, у кого есть данные для проверкиUladzimir1005. Stone Pile27 Jul 2019 17:271  
How many ways of solving this problem?littleibex1005. Stone Pile19 Jul 2019 10:492  
Тест № 7vvgaranov1005. Stone Pile17 Jul 2019 19:461  
WA8 What is testMirjalol1005. Stone Pile2 Jul 2019 08:484  
(runntime error test1) what's the first test??? why runtime error?ilUha1005. Stone Pile14 Apr 2019 23:171  
Runtime error. Test number - №2Vladislav Shlyakhov1005. Stone Pile1 Apr 2019 23:212  

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