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Discussion of Problem 1006. Square Frames

If you can tell me the HINT<><>><<>><<><<<Levan Kasradze (GEO)1006. Square Frames24 Sep 2023 13:511  
For anyone struggling to read the inputmihai.alpha1006. Square Frames24 Sep 2023 02:160  
Some testsTunez(ITMO)1006. Square Frames14 Jan 2023 23:391  
Author could use L, r, /, \ for corners instead of pseudographics :)Harkonnen1006. Square Frames11 Aug 2022 11:560  
For reading input in c#₰ҟᾷѓßὂνṑγ (ONPU)1006. Square Frames5 Jun 2022 14:120  
To admins (and python coders)yyll1006. Square Frames23 Jun 2021 20:481  
Tips for the questionMyrcella1006. Square Frames21 Aug 2018 07:510  
How to read the input?Myrcella1006. Square Frames20 Aug 2018 21:083  
What does "the length of the frame side" mean?Myrcella1006. Square Frames20 Aug 2018 19:406  
"Length of the frame side" in outpute051006. Square Frames20 Aug 2018 09:072  
В благодарность разработчикамDubsage1006. Square Frames8 Feb 2016 03:360  
How i can enter input. Valery1006. Square Frames28 Apr 2015 07:056  
read input in pythoncrc1006. Square Frames25 Jan 2015 02:560  
Template for MSVS 2010Ivan Tyamgin (TNU)1006. Square Frames27 May 2014 23:010  
To C++ programmer, use UNSIGNED CHAR instead of CHARPhan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1006. Square Frames17 Jun 2013 00:262  
Why 11 6 2 is not an answer?LampLight1006. Square Frames26 Feb 2013 19:552  
is order important ?Aneto1006. Square Frames26 Feb 2013 19:541  
Weak tests!tyomitch1006. Square Frames26 Feb 2013 19:520  
A little prog that may help you during a debugtiancaihb1006. Square Frames25 Feb 2013 20:311  
I don't know how read inputYuri.Pechatnov1006. Square Frames14 Aug 2011 16:590  

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