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Discussion of Problem 1007. Code Words

why WA #3blo1007. Code Words2 Jul 2008 21:560  
0100 the first '1' is in the position 2 or 3?lotus4h1007. Code Words4 May 2008 10:283  
i don't understand this task!! help.Bobur1007. Code Words1 May 2008 22:490  
There aren't any tricks in the input!Revenger Wu1007. Code Words27 Apr 2008 13:590  
What can be wrong here? Help me, if you can...Denis1007. Code Words18 Jan 2008 02:000  
FOR ALL Who don't no how input data (WA1)Dim@lish (MAI)1007. Code Words22 Jul 2007 15:330  
Finally Accepted!oyjpArt1007. Code Words28 May 2007 11:260  
Why WA on test №3?6yxa/\bl1007. Code Words16 Mar 2007 19:491  
The WA-Reasons!!!!BigFoot5661007. Code Words11 Feb 2007 08:431  
Could anybody can say what is wrong?PoiNT1007. Code Words11 Feb 2007 08:351  
Why WA in text#1? Help My Please?AndrewSt1007. Code Words8 Feb 2007 21:123  
What have to print my program if there is no solution?Vlad Veselov1007. Code Words8 Feb 2007 18:125  
Question about statementGleb Grenkin1007. Code Words2 Jan 2007 02:185  
How Correctly read data??(C++)Lifanov1007. Code Words31 Dec 2006 21:406  
To admins: There are no more than 1000 words in the file?Макс1007. Code Words7 Dec 2006 22:502  
PositionsPlamen Markov1007. Code Words24 Sep 2006 20:440  
Why I got WA at 1st test?KillerKing1007. Code Words8 Jul 2006 16:340  
to adminsSarmasag Radu Victor1007. Code Words23 Jun 2006 15:040  
How to define when the program should stop working?xakac [BMSTU]1007. Code Words12 Feb 2006 06:212  
Does it make a sense when to output?xakac [BMSTU]1007. Code Words11 Feb 2006 21:310  

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