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Discussion of Problem 1007. Code Words

Why Output Limit? Or WA#1?ilya_romanenko1007. Code Words19 Jul 2011 17:030  
Why Crash? It's work on my machine.Ilya1007. Code Words30 May 2011 18:190  
Unique solutionUdSU: Abizyaev, Urbanovich, Kibardin1007. Code Words9 Dec 2010 17:113  
WA #3Iosif inf-101007. Code Words19 Nov 2010 21:551  
About time limitEvgeniy++1007. Code Words14 Oct 2010 20:530  
Help me please... why WA 1?Winner1007. Code Words2 Mar 2010 02:051  
why not?luckysundog1007. Code Words6 Jan 2010 07:481  
What is the test case 1?Mohsen1007. Code Words21 Nov 2009 22:322  
TEST N1Marc1007. Code Words14 Nov 2009 14:284  
Is multiple solution possible? If yes which one is accepted by server?Anupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Sc Uni,MtechIT,2006-09,India1007. Code Words22 Sep 2009 20:503  
how to determine the end of the console's input with Javarobinpjl1007. Code Words16 Sep 2009 15:453  
Pass~~guofei1007. Code Words15 Aug 2009 17:010  
I don't understand something important !Hodorog Andrei1007. Code Words12 Jul 2009 11:471  
please help,i have tried all the ways how to input...Shooter1007. Code Words25 Apr 2009 12:230  
What's the original sequence of 1101? HaHa,that's funny,isn't it ?Richard1007. Code Words4 Nov 2008 18:476  
Tests are weak.Teacher301007. Code Words1 Oct 2008 20:530  
"There are no more than 1000 words in the file." seems to be wrong!Black Shark1007. Code Words10 Sep 2008 10:541  
Please explain meUlyanovsk STU: Kadeev Artem1007. Code Words23 Aug 2008 22:420  
with N=5 string 11100 is correct!!!Mansurov Artur1007. Code Words23 Jul 2008 10:130  
Problem with reading or TLE #3bullshit1007. Code Words20 Jul 2008 16:082  

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