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Discussion of Problem 1007. Code Words

Pay attentionandreyDagger1007. Code Words27 Nov 2021 17:070  
about the questionabid17291007. Code Words23 Jun 2019 21:050  
PLZ HELP! (WA#1)v13 [Kungur]1007. Code Words30 Oct 2018 16:070  
alternative answers are not acceptedER1007. Code Words30 Oct 2018 15:142  
Пожалуйста, измените условия заданияAyrat1007. Code Words30 Mar 2018 21:370  
Задача решается "в лоб" Mahilewets1007. Code Words19 Jul 2017 00:520  
До какого момента осуществляется ввод?Roman1007. Code Words15 Jul 2016 15:465  
Dear ADMINS! (RUNTIME, OUTPUT ERROR)Gleb_Kazantaev(NNSTU)1007. Code Words4 Nov 2014 21:021  
Help me,about the standard inputUral1007. Code Words8 Oct 2014 11:221  
Position matters, it should be read from LEFT TO RIGHTpurepu1007. Code Words12 Apr 2014 01:040  
pay attention!double1007. Code Words31 Mar 2014 11:5010  
If you TLE on #3Hakkinen1007. Code Words31 Dec 2013 22:262  
Stuck at WA1. Can you give me some hints?mikroz1007. Code Words29 Oct 2013 02:330  
How to get ACIlian1007. Code Words15 Aug 2013 16:570  
only use one changeHuang Chen1007. Code Words24 Jun 2013 08:560  
WA#1Ivan Tyamgin (TNU)1007. Code Words23 Apr 2013 21:540  
Those three translation can only use exactly once ~~!beta1007. Code Words22 Dec 2012 20:310  
many possible sequencesElena Posea1007. Code Words2 Nov 2012 14:420  
TEST !!!! Lifanov1007. Code Words10 Jan 2012 21:1915  
After all I did it!!!Leo1007. Code Words30 Jul 2011 21:482  

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