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Discussion of Problem 1009. K-based Numbers

what is test no 2 ????abhinaw kumar1009. K-based Numbers11 Jan 2014 22:401  
WA 1Komand_01009. K-based Numbers11 Jan 2014 17:460  
No subjectDias_971009. K-based Numbers4 Jan 2014 15:280  
Brute force doesn't work hereMarius Zilenas1009. K-based Numbers15 Oct 2013 10:310  
What's test#1 ???? and my wrong pascal solutionDmitriy Boykov1009. K-based Numbers3 Oct 2013 19:452  
Почему не правильно? Kirill_M1009. K-based Numbers27 Sep 2013 01:461  
Is this looks like correct?PVD1009. K-based Numbers27 Sep 2013 01:360  
What is K??ayeritsian1009. K-based Numbers3 Aug 2013 13:353  
explain plzgiorgi1009. K-based Numbers26 Mar 2013 14:562  
I am overcounting...not sure where..help?Gokul1009. K-based Numbers14 Jan 2013 18:370  
correct algo is not logical!!!kunal1009. K-based Numbers13 Jan 2013 14:491  
this is a good algorithm.Aharon_Smbatyan(YSU)1009. K-based Numbers2 Oct 2012 15:3117  
Pleaze Tell me what will the output for n=7 and k = 10??? if you have done it...Darwesh1009. K-based Numbers15 Sep 2012 03:561  
What is Test#1 ?touchinginfinity1009. K-based Numbers31 Aug 2012 10:130  
Which friend can tell me why I always get the "Wrong Answer" and what is the dead test?scuwf1009. K-based Numbers24 Aug 2012 18:162  
Compilation error. What's the problem?Afli1009. K-based Numbers19 Apr 2012 04:474  
The test data is not precise while some wrong programs can ACkeep_myself1009. K-based Numbers30 Jan 2012 18:271  
WA#2Navid1009. K-based Numbers11 Nov 2011 22:221  
Wrong Answer Again and AgainJordan1009. K-based Numbers29 Aug 2011 01:253  
Please explain in detailSiroj Matchanov [TUIT]1009. K-based Numbers27 Jul 2011 17:521  

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