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Discussion of Problem 1009. K-based Numbers

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Почему в случае 1 10 ответ 9 если 0 тоже число в котором не идут два подряд ноля?Stolyarov Artyom1009. K-based Numbers21 May 2022 13:175  
A simple dp solution is there...kitesho1009. K-based Numbers16 Feb 2021 13:541  
what's output for N=5,K=10??Suphanat Chunhapanya1009. K-based Numbers19 Aug 2020 13:215  
Please tell me the possible outputs for n = 1-8 and k = 10Darwesh1009. K-based Numbers20 Jun 2019 17:583  
Give me example plzDias_971009. K-based Numbers20 Jun 2019 17:374  
wa#2 What is wrong? i am absolutely sure that my solution is right!Elpsycongroo1009. K-based Numbers17 Nov 2018 15:142  
i dont understand what does the question want?Navin1009. K-based Numbers24 Sep 2018 12:561  
for n = 10, k = 2, ans = 89. How??iOli1009. K-based Numbers10 Feb 2018 08:181  
To Who do not know the meaning of N and Kan phan1009. K-based Numbers23 Jan 2018 12:305  
When its n=4 and k=10 its STACK OVERFLOW!!!! HELP !!!Kevin Narang1009. K-based Numbers7 Nov 2017 20:181  
mathmatical problem, just use program output answerclyde1009. K-based Numbers28 Oct 2017 11:381  
The means of K and N!HaiyangZheng1009. K-based Numbers22 Nov 2016 11:197  
I got 89 for the example, not 90, why?David Yin [ECUPL]1009. K-based Numbers19 Jun 2016 14:025  
Why is this problem DP?Grandmaster1009. K-based Numbers3 Apr 2016 01:183  
solvedElpsycongroo1009. K-based Numbers28 Jan 2016 07:433  
characteristics of numbresanwar_sust1009. K-based Numbers29 Jun 2015 15:191  
cdurgesh pandey1009. K-based Numbers27 Oct 2014 14:261  
WHAT IF n > k ????Me1009. K-based Numbers17 Sep 2014 01:521  
wrong answer on test #2Hrayr1009. K-based Numbers11 Jan 2014 22:452  
what's the test2?mythysjh1009. K-based Numbers11 Jan 2014 22:442  

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