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Discussion of Problem 1010. Discrete Function

Problem 1010. Discrete Function [why i am getting wrong test case passing]Amish jha1010. Discrete Function23 Jul 2022 22:080  
If you have WA2Andrew Sboev1010. Discrete Function27 May 2019 21:326  
what wrong with my code...-_-noname1010. Discrete Function5 Aug 2017 19:281  
long is not enoughAfraidDiablo1010. Discrete Function20 Nov 2016 00:091  
WA3Dusayarov Alisher1010. Discrete Function9 Oct 2014 16:120  
'Each value of the function is longint '..en..it's right i think100919CN1010. Discrete Function27 Dec 2012 20:080  
.Evgeniy Yuryev1010. Discrete Function21 Jul 2012 01:210  
help ??? WA #4lasha peradze Free University1010. Discrete Function26 Jan 2012 19:570  
Why WA2? May be, someone had same problem?Kit1010. Discrete Function27 Nov 2011 21:477  
Any idea where the mistake is?Pawel Wanat1010. Discrete Function26 Feb 2011 19:104  
long long wa@test2,,,and __int64 got AC,,acmore1010. Discrete Function27 Jun 2010 16:251  
Test 2#Element1010. Discrete Function6 Mar 2010 13:351  
C compiler does not follow C99 StandardTony Beta Lambda1010. Discrete Function25 Feb 2010 12:242  
Be careful with ABS if you use long long!Tracy.Ennal.Tasgen1010. Discrete Function25 Jul 2009 06:142  
To those who get WA on testcase2lonelycorn1010. Discrete Function19 Jul 2009 19:236  
who WA 2?? come in!I will help you!junsuper1010. Discrete Function6 Mar 2009 10:003  
"inclination" = abs(inclination)Jason9111010. Discrete Function30 Nov 2008 03:061  
if WA for test 2rakeshvarna1010. Discrete Function23 Nov 2008 00:500  
don't use longintpanfei1010. Discrete Function1 Nov 2008 18:240  
Does "inclination" mean a or tan(a)?sweetstrawberry1010. Discrete Function15 Jun 2008 21:570  

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