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Discussion of Problem 1010. Discrete Function

Help! ah_gj1010. Discrete Function4 May 2008 19:301  
Read this!bsilver.info1010. Discrete Function4 Mar 2008 19:231  
Help! I've got time limit in 5'th testdiduk1010. Discrete Function30 Mar 2007 00:181  
Who translate me this problemsФилиппов Илья (УЛ)1010. Discrete Function4 Mar 2007 04:091  
What does it mean? give me exampleslol1010. Discrete Function19 Aug 2006 23:360  
NoticeIcescorpion1010. Discrete Function13 Aug 2006 15:220  
Why my program get Complier Error?(My answer is right,i think!!)xiechuanzi1010. Discrete Function9 Mar 2006 17:271  
If you want to get AC, don't use longint, use extended!Gleb Grenkin1010. Discrete Function28 Jan 2006 19:402  
What's problem?vIx1010. Discrete Function5 Oct 2005 19:062  
Longint Means WA While Extended Means AC......Wang Fulong1010. Discrete Function6 Sep 2005 22:051  
What does this problem mean?qqqwww1010. Discrete Function9 Aug 2005 11:150  
What's the problems with int64?KingPin1010. Discrete Function16 May 2005 22:200  
Maybe, I'm stupid, but still, what is "inclination"?Samsonov Alex [SESC USU]1010. Discrete Function10 May 2005 23:254  
I did it!ManWithoutFace (USU)1010. Discrete Function9 May 2005 00:564  
A little question to ADMINSVlad Veselov [PMG17, Vinnitsa - KNU, Kiev]1010. Discrete Function18 Oct 2004 02:554  
Don't believe what the problem says !!!!mai1010. Discrete Function27 Sep 2004 00:061  
How to make it work !!!Oldbam1010. Discrete Function27 Jun 2004 14:560  
To all (or most) of you who want to now why WA :) (and maybe to admin)junglist corp.1010. Discrete Function2 Jun 2004 19:322  
Why this problem wasn't rejudged?Vlad Veselov1010. Discrete Function23 May 2004 16:012  
LOOK HERE, ADMINS!!!Vlad Veselov1010. Discrete Function19 May 2004 11:166  

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