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Discussion of Problem 1011. Conductors

My solution finally accepted! Some tests for your helpmagicdranton1011. Conductors8 Feb 2023 14:470  
USE e=0.000000001 to get ACsamplex1011. Conductors21 Apr 2022 19:482  
why WA 3 test ?Александр1011. Conductors24 Apr 2021 19:422  
For python users having RE1elsa.mathlover1011. Conductors10 Aug 2020 13:480  
To admins — Is english statement correct?Andrej Bourgasov1011. Conductors16 Oct 2019 15:410  
В 22 ОШИБКАdiablahaker20041011. Conductors13 Feb 2019 02:184  
[gcc] If you have WA#1 - don't use %zu in printf. Only %d ((malegkin1011. Conductors13 Feb 2019 02:010  
WA3's people look here!STK@fire1011. Conductors27 Aug 2018 11:280  
Максимальный ответ очень малMahilewets1011. Conductors30 Jul 2017 10:231  
WA#6, help me plz!!!quangduytr1011. Conductors13 Feb 2017 12:430  
Why WA #5?nastya1011. Conductors5 Nov 2016 14:381  
I got AC! Some hintsFelix_Mate1011. Conductors18 Aug 2015 13:180  
What's the meaning of hint??zylm1011. Conductors2 Sep 2014 19:300  
What can be wrong here?Igor1011. Conductors17 Aug 2014 20:440  
C++ program (严格按照题目来)lz11011. Conductors29 Jun 2014 21:123  
May program responds correctly. but why that's answered me Runtime error why? In JAVA 1.7Axmadjon1011. Conductors7 May 2014 12:050  
Runtime errorGrigorenko Vlad1011. Conductors17 Feb 2014 03:401  
WA #17 !!!!!!!!!tqti1011. Conductors25 Oct 2013 00:071  
I need help(WA 17)Mad man1011. Conductors15 Aug 2013 20:427  
IMPORTANTearthworm1011. Conductors1 May 2013 05:250  

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