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Discussion of Problem 1014. Product of Digits

pls help, what's wrong? python 3.6Rodion1014. Product of Digits7 Aug 2020 19:350  
WA8Kruppov071014. Product of Digits14 Jun 2020 16:470  
if n = 0 or n = 1 ?Tanim1014. Product of Digits19 May 2020 18:513  
Proper hints for all the test cases out theresamio1014. Product of Digits21 Feb 2020 00:340  
SolutionAr Anik1014. Product of Digits27 Jan 2020 21:170  
Getting WA#4WJ Jamshid1014. Product of Digits8 Dec 2019 11:070  
getting wrong ans on test 2 !!!Md Shakib Uddin Bhuiyan1014. Product of Digits20 Nov 2019 21:400  
Don't know what to doRodrigo Morales [UTEC]1014. Product of Digits7 Nov 2019 02:421  
How to solve it? Python 3. Where mistake?James_Bond1014. Product of Digits30 Oct 2019 16:330  
WA at case #13Mushfiq Talha1014. Product of Digits22 Aug 2019 23:100  
Test for WA#8Xaker MSU_Tashkent1014. Product of Digits24 Jun 2019 00:493  
wa #8garra1014. Product of Digits24 Jun 2019 00:432  
HintsMarius Zilenas1014. Product of Digits16 Apr 2019 19:573  
test 4 failsanupam1014. Product of Digits10 Apr 2019 20:135  
Memory Limit Exceeded!!! Why?I don't understandScaletta_Z1014. Product of Digits18 Apr 2018 00:491  
fail test 48, what is it?Ilya Falko1014. Product of Digits1 Apr 2018 20:140  
WHat is test 4?Elbek1014. Product of Digits5 Feb 2018 08:011  
oh,it's positive numberCaCO31014. Product of Digits21 Dec 2017 21:040  
wa#20Daniil1014. Product of Digits10 Nov 2017 16:450  
WA #3Kirill_Khapov1014. Product of Digits2 Nov 2017 19:402  

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