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Discussion of Problem 1015. Test the Difference!

java AC code snippetesbybb1015. Test the Difference!8 Sep 2021 18:081  
The dice sides 2, 3 and 6 are (probably) not symmetrical.Alexander Vasilyev`~1015. Test the Difference!9 Jun 2018 22:330  
Can somebody give me some test data,plz?(-)Ural_Happy New Year!1015. Test the Difference!30 Dec 2014 16:438  
Wrong sample or output formatGeno Roupsky1015. Test the Difference!3 Jun 2012 08:054  
I got WA at test 3 ,who can give me some test???bear-cat1015. Test the Difference!6 Feb 2012 19:463  
wa 3 ...help.....luohan511015. Test the Difference!25 Aug 2011 09:071  
WA 3 ??Manastireanu1015. Test the Difference!14 Apr 2011 18:523  
WA 3ib181015. Test the Difference!5 Sep 2010 21:270  
My Accept Short Solution :Dbrainail1015. Test the Difference!19 Jan 2010 01:070  
Q_max = 30. Am I Right? (+)Alexey1015. Test the Difference!7 Nov 2009 11:112  
This is very very strange...Active User1015. Test the Difference!15 Jul 2009 22:072  
rotationjagatsastry1015. Test the Difference!18 Jan 2008 22:551  
better logicmanishmmulani1015. Test the Difference!23 Dec 2007 23:130  
Help!!What's wrong with my program?cc1015. Test the Difference!24 Nov 2007 19:291  
who can show me the optimal memory strategy?AlainDelon1015. Test the Difference!18 Nov 2007 20:410  
No subjectMeni Packeou1015. Test the Difference!5 Oct 2007 16:202  
do u want my solution?nicushor1015. Test the Difference!18 Jan 2007 16:192  
Compare your result with mine, pls ! P 1015Tran Nam Trung (trungduck@yahoo.com)1015. Test the Difference!2 Jul 2006 20:275  
WA #4Anton [SUrSU#6]1015. Test the Difference!22 Jun 2006 15:400  
1<=N<=10**5???????????????????????????Fu Hao1015. Test the Difference!26 Aug 2005 03:385  

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