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Discussion of Problem 1016. Cube on the Walk

info on orientation of cubeSo Sui Ming1016. Cube on the Walk9 May 2024 21:360  
Why this code don't run 🤔🤔NurbolatTurgynbekov1016. Cube on the Walk22 Jul 2018 20:510  
Is it right to ouput any path with minimal cost?tjq(killer of zju)1016. Cube on the Walk31 Dec 2017 23:573  
What's the correct answer for the input a1 h1 0 0 10 0 0 10 ?Igor Dex1016. Cube on the Walk10 Aug 2016 22:477  
ac in one go arun1016. Cube on the Walk4 Jun 2016 10:380  
No subjectFelix_Mate1016. Cube on the Walk21 Nov 2015 16:110  
AC java 0.14esbybb1016. Cube on the Walk21 Nov 2015 10:130  
AClinjek1016. Cube on the Walk9 Aug 2014 16:510  
WA 1kvsmirnov1016. Cube on the Walk3 Feb 2012 20:360  
WA at Test#4Nickolas1016. Cube on the Walk16 Sep 2011 10:362  
Help! I ' ve got WA on Test#1 for several time!!!visit.er1016. Cube on the Walk15 Sep 2011 18:481  
AC!!yixiaohan1016. Cube on the Walk27 Jun 2011 14:451  
Help, please! How to solve this problem? Any hits, please (+)Victor Barinov (TNU)1016. Cube on the Walk16 Jan 2011 22:066  
To admins: in standard notation 8 is forward, 1 is backwardASK1016. Cube on the Walk6 Nov 2010 16:412  
WA5kamsiroy1016. Cube on the Walk3 Aug 2010 15:170  
What is the BruteForce AlgorithmXan Tei Jun1016. Cube on the Walk6 Jul 2010 03:573  
Why WA 8?李春骐1016. Cube on the Walk25 Feb 2010 10:511  
Wrong statementMSDN1016. Cube on the Walk19 Feb 2010 14:311  
WA3 xelpTbilisi SU: Giorgi Saghinadze (GVS)1016. Cube on the Walk16 Sep 2009 21:490  
I used brutforce and AC in 1.4sKlyuchnikov Nikita1016. Cube on the Walk7 Sep 2009 18:181  

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