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Discussion of Problem 1017. Staircases

Right algo but too slow Bekmuhamet1017. Staircases11 Sep 2020 13:230  
More test cases?Erin1017. Staircases18 Aug 2020 20:020  
How to solve this problem in o(n^2)?lnxdx1017. Staircases9 Feb 2020 17:081  
anymore testcases?Navin1017. Staircases24 Sep 2018 15:510  
Solving using the height of last stepGokul1017. Staircases21 Apr 2018 01:100  
I think it in this way.CodeChomper1017. Staircases27 Dec 2017 17:514  
Code don't works with big numbers, Python 3.4Andrew17031017. Staircases14 Aug 2017 18:399  
Need helpComebackSeason1017. Staircases8 Jul 2017 16:201  
problem with w7mhg1017. Staircases26 Feb 2017 20:102  
DpKirino1017. Staircases11 Jul 2016 03:571  
The best solution! Only 0.015 sec and 78 Kb!FANTOM1017. Staircases11 Jul 2016 03:556  
Don't use unsigned long long, use simple long long. (was WA7)Raven1017. Staircases25 Jun 2016 18:371  
QuestionVisuian Mihai1017. Staircases7 Apr 2016 01:051  
If answer too big...clarification hereDrunken Statue1017. Staircases17 Mar 2016 14:110  
Picture gives examples of staircase alp1017. Staircases16 Jan 2016 20:322  
To all LAMERS!!!Yuriy Frolov (ufrolov@ukr.net)1017. Staircases27 Oct 2015 04:4913  
My approach-will it be correctAnkit Tripathi1017. Staircases4 Dec 2014 10:450  
WA 7, WHY?Najmaddin Akhundov1017. Staircases28 Nov 2014 12:140  
If you know please tell me. wensheng1017. Staircases13 Jun 2014 11:030  
if WA6hliu201017. Staircases5 Aug 2013 02:591  

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