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Discussion of Problem 1017. Staircases

if n=11,q=?mastermana1017. Staircases5 May 2009 20:481  
10th testKenny1017. Staircases3 Oct 2008 19:400  
Very easy dp problem! AC codeMSDN1017. Staircases19 Sep 2008 11:033  
Why WA6?super vladutz1017. Staircases23 Jan 2008 18:244  
could any C/C++ programmer solve this question??manishmmulani1017. Staircases28 Dec 2007 17:482  
sorry,if anybody can,please explain me this problem!!!thank!!CHIDEMYAN SERGEY1017. Staircases31 May 2007 18:228  
Something with tests?Aracon1017. Staircases26 May 2007 20:120  
What does extended mean?xxxx1017. Staircases3 Jan 2007 23:081  
I can't understand why I got Wrong Answer?Нфиє1017. Staircases16 Nov 2006 13:362  
Very strange -- CETbilisi SU: Andrew Lutsenko1017. Staircases9 May 2006 15:311  
Filippov Nickolas SSAU#2's AC program is HERE!Nickolas1017. Staircases3 Apr 2005 04:157  
Dynamic programmingVladG1017. Staircases29 Aug 2004 01:373  
HOW DO YOU PRINT __INT64 NUMBERS???Gheorghe Stefan1017. Staircases19 Apr 2004 11:003  
How to solve it with Only One Array[1...500]. I got MLE now!Standlove1017. Staircases21 Mar 2003 16:001  
Compilation errorStefan Ciobaca1017. Staircases21 Aug 2002 14:142  
Can some one explaib to me what does this problem mean?Costel::icerapper@k.ro1017. Staircases23 Feb 2002 00:341  
I have a simple qustion..... About Types in PASCAL and some other stuffAlgorist1017. Staircases25 Oct 2001 08:034  
To Yu Wei, Petko Minkov and Jivko GanevVladimir Milenov Vasilev1017. Staircases15 Aug 2001 10:291  
"Crash ACCESS_VIOLATION"GoGo1017. Staircases9 Jul 2001 20:140  
Who has solved the STaircase and why I always get CRASH?Vladimir Milenov Vasilev1017. Staircases6 Jul 2001 10:500  

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