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Discussion of Problem 1017. Staircases

if WA6hliu201017. Staircases5 Aug 2013 02:591  
test caseArsen Babakhanyan (AUA)1017. Staircases23 Jul 2013 21:120  
Wording is unclearcandide1017. Staircases27 Jun 2013 16:050  
How can I improve this program?thefourtheye1017. Staircases23 Jun 2013 16:061  
how to solve this ??????????????Dulat_KBTU1017. Staircases22 Jun 2013 21:492  
WA 10 ?sylap1017. Staircases17 Jun 2013 23:460  
For those with C/C++ WA on test#6Linas1017. Staircases7 Jun 2013 08:403  
a math solutionNonagod1017. Staircases6 Jun 2013 20:423  
Solutionk0stya1017. Staircases30 Mar 2013 23:082  
TestsPaweł Wanat1017. Staircases7 Aug 2012 18:022  
when n=5 , Q=?leojay1017. Staircases15 Jan 2012 19:054  
Problems with iostream? Or just my hands grown from wrong place?zaycakitayca1017. Staircases18 Oct 2011 19:350  
Does anyone have any ideas about 1017Ihor Bobak1017. Staircases24 Jul 2011 12:414  
I think it in this way.CodeChomper1017. Staircases28 May 2011 17:150  
Who can explain me this problem with DP? (with this formula)CoJ - BiB(Bound in blood)1017. Staircases13 Apr 2011 22:581  
Is there any O(1) solution?Sergey Zuev1017. Staircases26 Feb 2011 18:542  
Do you know a faster algorithm?lql19931017. Staircases1 Feb 2011 15:202  
Is there any difference between long long and __int64?Mato_No11017. Staircases31 Aug 2010 01:322  
JUDGE?Artem Khizha [DNU]1017. Staircases29 Apr 2010 01:252  
Just to make shure I understood right ^_^Fokysnik1017. Staircases9 Nov 2009 01:213  

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