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Discussion of Problem 1018. Binary Apple Tree

Test for WA 1_Otabek1018. Binary Apple Tree21 Apr 2022 19:370  
WA #8dmitrmax1018. Binary Apple Tree17 May 2021 10:380  
If you got WA
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
Ilya Mitin1018. Binary Apple Tree7 Aug 2020 13:0822  
Why I get a TLE #6 ?Yang Tianyi1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:473  
About TLE and Recursion† Ленин † [Yaroslavl SU]1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:454  
WA at #1 ?? Try this data... arena_zp1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Feb 2018 06:145  
Best algo you have(mine is O(Q^2*N))Elias1018. Binary Apple Tree25 Dec 2016 17:352  
Problem statementLilian1018. Binary Apple Tree14 Dec 2016 01:520  
Para el honorable Jesús Saucedofrankzappa1018. Binary Apple Tree7 Aug 2016 11:250  
If you WA#1SerailHydra1018. Binary Apple Tree5 Jul 2016 13:094  
add testKen1018. Binary Apple Tree8 Apr 2016 14:011  
Test case 11aybek1018. Binary Apple Tree14 Jan 2015 19:461  
WA # 5ROHAN GULATI1018. Binary Apple Tree1 Jun 2014 05:462  
WA test case 5surajkvm0071018. Binary Apple Tree1 Jun 2014 05:421  
Do you want really good test? this test ruined my algo.Tural Neymanov1018. Binary Apple Tree23 Oct 2013 03:383  
deletedyutr7771018. Binary Apple Tree21 Oct 2013 22:030  
To Adminsesger1018. Binary Apple Tree18 Apr 2013 19:570  
WA9. Can someone give me test for this code esekkelle1018. Binary Apple Tree6 Dec 2012 14:410  
WA in Case 4 no clueSanzee1018. Binary Apple Tree14 Oct 2012 16:221  
My solution...zzyzzy121018. Binary Apple Tree25 Sep 2011 10:100  

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