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Discussion of Problem 1019. Line Painting

"The segment of numerical axis from 0 to 10^9 is painted into white color." means[0, 10^9).some_programming_novice1019. Line Painting15 Nov 2018 10:250  
ATTENTION ! input and output is as follows [ai,bi). It means that the point ai is white but the point bi maybe not whitePhan Hoài Nam - Đại học Ngoại ngữ Tin Học TP.HCM1019. Line Painting22 Aug 2018 14:192  
Is the point 1e9 painted white initially?Myrcella1019. Line Painting22 Aug 2018 08:430  
The problem is easily solvable without segment tree.Jorres1019. Line Painting21 Jul 2018 14:541  
No subjectJorres1019. Line Painting11 Nov 2017 22:510  
No subjectJorres1019. Line Painting11 Nov 2017 22:510  
Any test data can help me? Always WA..I'm getting crazy! Thx!Artanis1019. Line Painting16 Apr 2017 21:423  
If you want more fast code submit your solution to night , really :)))c_pp1019. Line Painting20 Dec 2016 02:370  
WA #15encrypted_swordsmen1019. Line Painting10 Oct 2016 12:200  
WA 11Ilya1019. Line Painting30 Jan 2015 09:550  
Be careful. Test 2 and Test 3Adhambek1019. Line Painting11 Dec 2014 08:000  
tips on wa at test 13uuau999991019. Line Painting14 Apr 2014 09:530  
Help in TEST1 Outputchang1019. Line Painting3 Jan 2014 06:340  
one question , WA 9Tbilisi SU: Davit Rachvelishvili(rachvela)1019. Line Painting8 Nov 2013 12:424  
what`s the meaning of segment?954877011019. Line Painting1 Aug 2013 18:111  
How to do this problem using segment trees?Pushkar Mishra1019. Line Painting14 Mar 2013 11:300  
If you get Crash (access violation)Berendea1019. Line Painting8 Jan 2013 05:480  
Tips of WA3 and WA2h29522201019. Line Painting11 Oct 2012 19:010  
CEONU_17851019. Line Painting27 Sep 2012 00:430  
The meaning of "open segment" is (a, b]. Every segment in the statement is in that format....yefllower1019. Line Painting31 Aug 2012 15:470  

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