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Discussion of Problem 1019. Line Painting

About tag "data structures"Alexey Dergunov [Samara SAU]1019. Line Painting21 Jul 2012 13:191  
WA #3Khamitbekov Madi1019. Line Painting21 Jul 2012 07:522  
Hints please galymzhan1019. Line Painting6 Jun 2012 14:320  
Please, test my program... Whats wrong? Can you give me any tests?Reshetnikov Eugeny1019. Line Painting19 May 2012 22:2311  
need test case for WA #1code_code1019. Line Painting8 May 2012 17:340  
please help me,i have got a wrong at #14,but i can't think out where is wrong,please give me some testCa Ca1019. Line Painting25 Apr 2012 11:170  
WA# 4IgorKoval(from Pskov)1019. Line Painting6 Mar 2012 22:440  
Why WA9...shinyflute1019. Line Painting3 Jan 2012 02:113  
If you wa 2 or 3Li_Ke[NEU]1019. Line Painting22 Dec 2011 02:442  
Celebrate the 100th problem has been solved!niabbf1019. Line Painting2 Nov 2011 22:581  
useful sample when WA 16Lucian Ilea1019. Line Painting8 Aug 2011 16:160  
Crash (access violation) on test data 12alkaid1019. Line Painting4 Aug 2011 21:432  
what answer of this testZayakin Andrey[PermSU]1019. Line Painting29 Jun 2011 10:143  
WA 8 pls helpyixiaohan1019. Line Painting28 Jun 2011 11:000  
Pls, give me test 3MMMMM1019. Line Painting17 Jun 2011 04:082  
CRASH#11remdy211019. Line Painting7 May 2011 11:012  
there are some bug in this problemRafikov Ramil1019. Line Painting12 Apr 2011 14:551  
Who has WA 2 - See here107th1019. Line Painting10 Apr 2011 18:279  
remember to add 0 and 10^9 to your structure.stupidjohn1019. Line Painting24 Jan 2011 09:260  
[solved] WA #6, can't figure out what's wrongqkthePmj1019. Line Painting13 Jan 2011 14:522  

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