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Discussion of Problem 1020. Rope

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if WA 4Lemmiwinks1020. Rope20 Aug 2021 20:422  
mathematical proofemilchess1020. Rope3 Dec 2020 21:537  
Proper hints for the the test cases out theresamio1020. Rope21 Feb 2020 01:271  
WHY WA ON TEST #4??I am really stuck in this!!!plz help!michel mizrahi1020. Rope20 Nov 2019 17:276  
Why Runtime error on test 4??FromNothingToFinal1020. Rope10 Nov 2019 19:072  
Advices with RE and WAroman velichkin1020. Rope10 Nov 2019 19:071  
WA on test 2,plz help !milon6031020. Rope27 Apr 2019 15:002  
WA#3VladimirZagorodskih1020. Rope15 Mar 2019 02:185  
Wrong Answer on test #4, CRegret1020. Rope11 Sep 2018 16:282  
Please, say. Where I Wrong? (C#)Serge1020. Rope15 Jan 2018 05:461  
What is wrong? / WA#1Segrey_Shustov_rus1020. Rope4 Jun 2017 19:473  
Help me witn test#3!!!sexygrisha1020. Rope7 Mar 2017 08:311  
что не так?Kovalyshyn Artur1020. Rope9 Feb 2017 19:162  
What is wrong? / Что не так?bulka941020. Rope9 Feb 2017 19:073  
No subjectMukul Barai1020. Rope11 Jan 2017 16:181  
What's wrong with it?I am getting WA.Ram Prakash P1020. Rope8 Dec 2016 19:542  
why it is wrong answer???sad...xinxin1020. Rope10 Oct 2016 19:023  
Wrong Answer Test #1 Please Help! Why it is wrong?Evgeniy_Rus1020. Rope11 Jun 2016 21:422  
help me pls!Levan1020. Rope1 Jan 2016 21:083  
JAVA, test 3, what is wrong?ssau6207Voekov1020. Rope18 Nov 2015 09:432  

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