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Discussion of Problem 1022. Genealogical Tree

BBBBBBBBUG!!!vagrant1022. Genealogical Tree22 Oct 2010 22:100  
It is very easy just make topogical sort!!!!!!!Tigran92[RAU]1022. Genealogical Tree19 Oct 2010 18:570  
there is bug in checkerTapyshpan Denis1022. Genealogical Tree10 Oct 2010 19:460  
The right ideaVladG1022. Genealogical Tree8 May 2010 20:075  
WA#1Sergey Zuev (LYC)1022. Genealogical Tree29 Mar 2010 08:403  
what is the floyde-warshall Xan Tei Jun1022. Genealogical Tree28 Oct 2009 11:592  
What is topological sorting in graphXan Tei Jun1022. Genealogical Tree28 Oct 2009 11:532  
What answer will be for a example :Chabanenko Vlad1022. Genealogical Tree19 Jul 2009 19:171  
test#4azadeh1022. Genealogical Tree19 Mar 2009 21:322  
Weak testsFyodor Menshikov1022. Genealogical Tree18 Mar 2009 00:200  
what is the 6 testlisang1022. Genealogical Tree2 Feb 2009 22:270  
WA#6 Help, please!!![SSAU_#617]snipious aka Pimenov Sergey Nikolaevich1022. Genealogical Tree2 Feb 2009 22:2511  
test#5savage1022. Genealogical Tree13 Sep 2008 04:324  
Compilation error in PascalTUIT_MAD1022. Genealogical Tree4 Mar 2008 18:311  
HELP!! HELP!!byron19901022. Genealogical Tree29 Nov 2007 10:160  
Compilation Error(Java)Amaranth1022. Genealogical Tree15 Nov 2007 20:400  
What's wrong? WA!suvorov0071022. Genealogical Tree15 Nov 2007 13:521  
drive me mad!!why Compilation error !!??bottles1022. Genealogical Tree13 Nov 2007 20:422  
WA Test # 6 Help me please !!Temp1022. Genealogical Tree30 Oct 2007 00:104  
programsaba1022. Genealogical Tree14 Aug 2007 09:551  

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