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Discussion of Problem 1022. Genealogical Tree

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Is it topological sort?ajay jadhav1022. Genealogical Tree29 Apr 2020 12:081  
WA#1mushfiq1022. Genealogical Tree13 Mar 2020 13:083  
Can you explain this test?Khujamurod1022. Genealogical Tree19 Sep 2017 16:0011  
test caseAraf1022. Genealogical Tree21 Sep 2015 23:021  
Learn something new----- HÀ LINH -----1022. Genealogical Tree28 Mar 2015 22:511  
WA#6qmakar1022. Genealogical Tree31 Jan 2015 01:391  
What's wrong with my Topological Sorting?Peter P1022. Genealogical Tree7 Jan 2015 04:092  
WTF??? O (N^3 log^2 N), or, How I can't calculate the time)Alibi1022. Genealogical Tree20 Dec 2014 14:321  
Using priority queue - getting WA#4. Why?Stefan Dimov1022. Genealogical Tree21 Oct 2014 11:002  
DifficultyMarius Zilenas1022. Genealogical Tree21 Oct 2013 13:321  
O(V+E) algorithmstupidjohn1022. Genealogical Tree11 Jun 2012 19:453  
No subjectAndrew Hoffmann aka SKYDOS [Vladimir SU]1022. Genealogical Tree20 Nov 2011 02:514  
Why 0.015 with O(N^2) algorithm?keivan1022. Genealogical Tree29 Aug 2011 01:032  
ответbahasdu1022. Genealogical Tree17 Aug 2011 20:061  
The 4th testArtem1022. Genealogical Tree2 Aug 2011 13:322  
WHY?akmal4ik1022. Genealogical Tree2 Aug 2011 13:313  
Считыванияbahasdu1022. Genealogical Tree25 Jul 2011 18:261  
Help ! WA#2 Nguyen Khac Tung1022. Genealogical Tree22 Jan 2011 16:252  
WA#2HaaS1022. Genealogical Tree22 Jan 2011 16:243  
floyde-warshall works on this problemSnetch1022. Genealogical Tree26 Dec 2010 10:074  

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