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Discussion of Problem 1025. Democracy in Danger

Why wrong answer? pleaze help me out..! the answer is correct.Darwesh1025. Democracy in Danger4 Feb 2014 18:032  
read this now !!!ratrax211025. Democracy in Danger16 Jan 2014 13:472  
Compilation errorEvgeniy_Chernobrovkin(MUCTR-2013)1025. Democracy in Danger26 Sep 2013 03:010  
why wrong answerPaul1025. Democracy in Danger6 Nov 2012 23:385  
Why crash is happeningPaul1025. Democracy in Danger6 Nov 2012 20:360  
Why WA5?Michael Hranik(VNTU)1025. Democracy in Danger19 Aug 2012 23:192  
Please, Help me! WA on #5sergey21051025. Democracy in Danger1 Aug 2012 06:470  
Why wrong answer in test 1?Novosad1025. Democracy in Danger9 Jul 2012 03:151  
Why wrong answer?Олег1025. Democracy in Danger19 Apr 2012 21:210  
Test 5. what's wrong?? please help!!Kirik1025. Democracy in Danger12 Mar 2012 22:561  
test #3Angel1025. Democracy in Danger26 Feb 2012 00:141  
Compilation error. WHY?AKruglyak1025. Democracy in Danger22 Feb 2012 00:040  
Is there a bug in the checking system?V@n01025. Democracy in Danger3 Feb 2012 11:183  
WA in #5 Help PLEASEMinfrommyfls1025. Democracy in Danger17 Jan 2012 09:481  
Hi read this!!!!!!Turdubek1025. Democracy in Danger16 Dec 2011 18:590  
Why WA?Georgeek1025. Democracy in Danger30 Jun 2011 15:530  
wa2 why?Pk.951025. Democracy in Danger25 Dec 2010 00:130  
Wrong Answer: test #1Vyacheslav Dashivets1025. Democracy in Danger28 Sep 2010 00:361  
why is wrong #5Yeqianqian1025. Democracy in Danger11 Sep 2010 07:140  
WA WHY ?????lemay1025. Democracy in Danger10 Sep 2010 11:351  

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