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Discussion of Problem 1027. D++ Again

If you get WA10Ulugbek#&1027. D++ Again23 Apr 2020 23:080  
What's the test 4?? zylm1027. D++ Again14 Aug 2018 17:201  
2 Admins: I probably found bad test for my AC solutionKhranovsky`~1027. D++ Again14 Aug 2018 17:111  
Helpful TEST CASESDmitry1027. D++ Again2 Dec 2017 02:481  
Why read text with std::getc got AC 0.001s and fread got AC 0.015s for C++ compilers ????c_pp1027. D++ Again15 Dec 2016 00:140  
If you have WA #31Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1027. D++ Again26 Sep 2016 18:011  
should I print YES for the string (**)*) ?thwomass1027. D++ Again24 Sep 2016 03:554  
WA 2 with C++Fritee1027. D++ Again30 Jan 2015 01:170  
WA Test #24Fasterm1027. D++ Again30 Dec 2012 19:500  
WA 17SKYDOS1027. D++ Again20 Dec 2012 20:543  
WA26liuzy1027. D++ Again27 Sep 2012 13:540  
WA1 HINTMOPDOBOPOT (USU)1027. D++ Again1 Aug 2012 17:340  
WA2 solutioncasey1027. D++ Again13 Jul 2012 12:000  
Help with Test data #8__Emiapwil__1027. D++ Again7 Apr 2012 14:041  
Reg test suite for problem 1027. D++ Againhariprasad.puvvadi1027. D++ Again17 Jan 2012 16:390  
hintAnton1027. D++ Again18 Dec 2011 19:030  
For those, who got WA#1Leonid (SLenik) Andrievskiy1027. D++ Again29 Nov 2011 19:211  
Problem 1027 "D++ Again" has been rejudged. (+)Sandro (USU)1027. D++ Again7 Nov 2011 00:390  
Test number 7nightwalker1027. D++ Again4 Nov 2011 03:268  
test#26MoonRandom1027. D++ Again26 Oct 2011 15:400  

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