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Discussion of Problem 1030. Titanic

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I keep getting Runtime Error Issue. Could someone help me resolve this? - PYTHON 3 basedPratik Kumar Basu1030. Titanic30 Mar 2021 16:351  
I need help!! anyoneEgor1030. Titanic14 Jun 2019 22:542  
Some info about this problemOlzhas aka Whale2dy1030. Titanic23 Sep 2018 13:189  
Ввод данных без перехода на новую строку.Ragen1030. Titanic24 Mar 2018 20:502  
Help WA Test #7Varun Sharma1030. Titanic6 Jan 2017 15:174  
solution by gladoffDavidРЕМШgladoff#c++1030. Titanic30 Nov 2014 11:351  
why I get ACbest1030. Titanic10 Jan 2014 13:211  
I got "Crash (ACCESS_VIOLATION)". What does it mean?XiaoTian1030. Titanic21 Sep 2013 23:5511  
Something interestingSandro1030. Titanic21 Mar 2013 19:365  
I got WA on the test2zhuaiyaa1030. Titanic3 Dec 2010 17:131  
what is the first data?tklist1030. Titanic29 Oct 2010 21:281  
I've got WA 1. Please Help.MadMag1030. Titanic11 Sep 2010 08:542  
i'm going mad. why my program gets WA1?TereshinVS Liceum#1651030. Titanic12 Feb 2010 20:351  
What is test #3? I always get WA#3...Fokysnik1030. Titanic27 Nov 2009 12:378  
Is this equation correct !? Or I should use other one!?Krzysztof Kapuscik1030. Titanic7 Aug 2009 10:143  
sampleremdy211030. Titanic4 Aug 2009 17:112  
Plz, help me. WA3.Programmer1030. Titanic6 Jul 2009 16:143  
redefine PI...wrbuaa20051030. Titanic9 Sep 2008 02:032  
1030 --- WA #1IgorTuphanov1030. Titanic25 May 2008 20:462  
What's wrong with my code. I always get WALi Yi1030. Titanic25 Jan 2007 01:256  

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