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Discussion of Problem 1031. Railway Tickets

Start station position can be greater, than finish station position.Igor Parfenov1031. Railway Tickets23 Jun 2022 20:480  
If you have WA!107th1031. Railway Tickets15 Jul 2021 17:1115  
Самое понятное для меня решение. Mahilewets1031. Railway Tickets21 Jul 2017 11:350  
WA TEST#5 ????KatheCastel1031. Railway Tickets13 Jul 2016 20:181  
AC program test caseslakerka1031. Railway Tickets13 Jul 2016 19:131  
Can we do this in O(N) ?Nikunj Banka1031. Railway Tickets12 Dec 2014 23:433  
why WA #8??? help memcdoing_ron1031. Railway Tickets30 Oct 2014 08:362  
Whats the test test#3 Im getting WA in this test, Help please.CELO1031. Railway Tickets10 Nov 2013 14:241  
can DP solve this data?cyc1031. Railway Tickets26 Aug 2013 02:184  
Test #10.the_swede1031. Railway Tickets24 Aug 2013 01:271  
This is a very easy O(n) DP.I only use 0.031sbobchennan1031. Railway Tickets29 Mar 2013 04:581  
TLE in #11!!!胡敏达是猪1031. Railway Tickets22 Feb 2013 14:590  
time limitAnuar1031. Railway Tickets16 Jun 2012 20:381  
What is Test #11elquees1031. Railway Tickets31 May 2012 07:550  
WA #7Zhandos1031. Railway Tickets23 Jun 2011 12:540  
who is answer it now,i had passed today, simple DP!gjlsx1031. Railway Tickets26 Jun 2010 23:532  
please, give me test #6, I always get wrong answerSergey Zuev (LYC)1031. Railway Tickets20 Apr 2009 00:540  
Why someone's time is 0.031?My program is 0.187..lotus4h1031. Railway Tickets23 Oct 2008 22:483  
What's the test8?I always get WA.LiZheng1031. Railway Tickets23 Oct 2008 11:2912  
How do you solve this problem very fast , what's the time complexity. please give me some hint. here or piyawut@se-ed.netMadPsyentist/Sam1031. Railway Tickets17 Apr 2008 15:563  

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