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Discussion of Problem 1032. Find a Multiple

FT.Phoenix1032. Find a Multiple12 Feb 2008 13:580  
Why didi I get 'Compilation error'?1237891032. Find a Multiple26 Nov 2007 17:202  
can answer cantain two numbers of equal magnitudeAnupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Science University,Shibpur,India1032. Find a Multiple20 Sep 2007 14:520  
who can tell me what's test 7!!?FLY_IN_SKY1032. Find a Multiple16 Aug 2007 09:090  
There's definitely something wrong with tests... I guess so.Fokysnik1032. Find a Multiple27 Aug 2006 17:030  
pochemu WA???xapdcoyl1032. Find a Multiple12 Apr 2006 19:130  
New tests were added (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1032. Find a Multiple1 Apr 2006 00:460  
Bad programs can get ACKaliningrad SU -J_A_MES-HeadLiner1032. Find a Multiple19 Feb 2006 20:030  
Got AC using DFS ;P (-)uuuuuuu1032. Find a Multiple6 Sep 2005 23:202  
No subjectIlya "RaI" Rasenstein1032. Find a Multiple1 Feb 2005 22:540  
WA(1).why?And Accept?pavel_perm1032. Find a Multiple30 Jun 2004 00:280  
WA on test #1! I used the O(n) algo. Anything strange?Maigo Akisame1032. Find a Multiple10 Jun 2004 17:280  
O(n) ,but it's WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOS!!!Seany1032. Find a Multiple7 Aug 2003 19:500  
Why have I got WA????????Cosine1032. Find a Multiple5 Aug 2003 09:400  
Моя программа ЗДАЛАСЬ за O(n)OSPU1032. Find a Multiple17 Mar 2003 21:353  
my code(poor English);ural_Lai yilong1032. Find a Multiple27 Feb 2003 09:524  
Why I get WA?I know maybe my algorithm is not the best one.lyj_george1032. Find a Multiple1 Oct 2002 09:371  
why I got WA? 3qnoname1032. Find a Multiple2 Aug 2002 22:240  
How to solve this problem?marko1032. Find a Multiple28 Jun 2002 14:140  
Have problem, need help. Stefan Ciobaca1032. Find a Multiple25 Feb 2002 23:581  

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