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Discussion of Problem 1032. Find a Multiple

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Hint to this questionguilty spark1032. Find a Multiple30 Aug 2020 14:091  
random_shuffleNail[HSE]1032. Find a Multiple20 Oct 2017 14:551  
if you got WA#1ile1032. Find a Multiple5 May 2015 13:046  
Find A Multiple Problem. Anyone got a better than O(N^2) algo.?tau1032. Find a Multiple7 Oct 2014 16:5414  
To admins: typo in statementSmilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1032. Find a Multiple27 Nov 2013 11:181  
If you have WA #36Smilodon_am [Obninsk INPE]1032. Find a Multiple27 Nov 2013 11:081  
Minimum cardinality set required?Indivisible Atom1032. Find a Multiple28 Mar 2013 02:292  
Time limit exceededPeca1032. Find a Multiple19 Oct 2011 02:572  
WA #3cs_Diablo1032. Find a Multiple15 Sep 2011 15:241  
---> Very Simple Way with O(N) and pigeonhole proving! <---Locomotive1032. Find a Multiple19 Aug 2011 07:378  
AC; after little bit tweaking the code I got TL#4ile1032. Find a Multiple6 Feb 2011 00:205  
Is the question clear enough ?Ake Tangkananond1032. Find a Multiple8 Feb 2010 19:552  
1032. To Admins.archi1032. Find a Multiple20 Aug 2009 13:283  
Something wrong with checkers?Java1032. Find a Multiple17 Aug 2009 15:311  
to admin WA #1 ????TESTER1032. Find a Multiple26 Jul 2009 10:493  
Please help...Soul Reaver1032. Find a Multiple21 Jul 2008 16:313  
explain the questionEmilbek1032. Find a Multiple27 May 2008 16:152  
gıve me solıtıon emılbek_4@netmail.kgEmilbek1032. Find a Multiple25 May 2008 23:452  
FT.Phoenix1032. Find a Multiple12 Feb 2008 13:581  
Why didi I get 'Compilation error'?1237891032. Find a Multiple26 Nov 2007 17:203  

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