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Discussion of Problem 1033. Labyrinth

What is up with multiplication by 9?guilty spark1033. Labyrinth29 Aug 2020 13:011  
Give me Test 4 Please!!
[ Pages: 1, 2 ]
ramil_xp Хуснутдинов Рамиль1033. Labyrinth3 Nov 2017 22:5022  
test #1 run-time erroreurol1033. Labyrinth21 Apr 2017 22:470  
Some testsGrandmaster1033. Labyrinth18 Mar 2015 13:550  
How to read input in Java?Maigo Akisame (maigoakisame@yahoo.com.cn)1033. Labyrinth15 Jan 2015 15:524  
WA 3 Help meRobertKhasanov1033. Labyrinth30 Aug 2014 19:346  
if WA4 try thisskyhoop1033. Labyrinth29 Aug 2014 15:283  
Finally I got AC!!! IF you have problems, read this text (I HAD WA5)DonNTU Team (Akulshin, Belikov, Trofimenko)1033. Labyrinth15 May 2014 16:403  
I GET WA1!!!!!Marian Darius1033. Labyrinth11 Sep 2013 15:231  
Need your help!!!<<--Falcon-->>1033. Labyrinth3 Jul 2012 21:193  
just a possible testtwinsclover1033. Labyrinth11 Oct 2010 18:420  
What's wrong with my input code? I always have WA #1me1033. Labyrinth1 Oct 2010 14:371  
3 is NOT the magic digitTony Beta Lambda1033. Labyrinth18 Mar 2010 10:500  
Some info about this problemOlzhas aka Whale2dy1033. Labyrinth4 Nov 2009 00:043  
GREAT PROBLEMInShtein1033. Labyrinth23 Sep 2009 03:311  
I just wanna say...Ginforward1033. Labyrinth13 Aug 2009 08:152  
Give the help of tast 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wutaibang1033. Labyrinth12 Apr 2008 14:050  
AC at last!iceswanX1033. Labyrinth16 Dec 2007 01:023  
AC with 0.001 and 139kb!!!Я крыса которая съест тебя!1033. Labyrinth16 Dec 2007 01:020  
The upper right and the lower left don't have to be connected !!!Apiwat1033. Labyrinth29 Aug 2007 04:470  

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