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Discussion of Problem 1036. Lucky Tickets

Have problem for this problemnguyenductam1036. Lucky Tickets16 Apr 2010 15:211  
Why my code WA#7>????? Need help?Who know the test for #7?zslwyuan1036. Lucky Tickets6 Jan 2010 18:551  
WA#7 (-)Grigor Gevorgian1036. Lucky Tickets17 Oct 2009 19:174  
Interesting QuestionNeymanov Tural1036. Lucky Tickets17 Aug 2009 17:574  
help, please! What's the reason of WA on the 5th test ?Vladislav Ivanishin1036. Lucky Tickets28 Jun 2009 22:511  
WHY WA on Test#12 ? I don't understand!!litaoye1036. Lucky Tickets3 Mar 2009 13:141  
sum of digits!Vlad1036. Lucky Tickets27 Feb 2009 19:102  
What is the right answer for the test "10 2" ?mitrandir1036. Lucky Tickets13 Nov 2008 21:194  
Why wa on test 11Bright1036. Lucky Tickets10 Feb 2008 18:380  
Java BigInteger was helpful for me!!!manishmmulani1036. Lucky Tickets1 Jan 2008 00:290  
Plz help !!! Test #10 WAShyrik1036. Lucky Tickets25 Sep 2007 18:091  
WHY WA on Test#14????check1036. Lucky Tickets28 Aug 2007 18:250  
What is "Compilation error"?michael stoudemire1036. Lucky Tickets18 Aug 2007 21:121  
What is ' Wrong Answer 7' stands for?TOOTH1036. Lucky Tickets20 May 2007 19:435  
Problem with test #7. Need help :(Fokysnik1036. Lucky Tickets20 May 2007 15:461  
At last I got AC!My Solution here:Destiny1036. Lucky Tickets2 Apr 2007 18:146  
I will be very pleased, if some of admins will put here test#3. mitrandir1036. Lucky Tickets2 Apr 2007 17:280  
I can't anderstand, why do i have WA #3.mitrandir1036. Lucky Tickets31 Mar 2007 22:072  
whats the answer in 5 test?chavit1036. Lucky Tickets24 Mar 2007 21:510  
hardfire 1036 C++ Accepted 0.093 1 004 КБhardfire1036. Lucky Tickets1 Mar 2007 18:410  

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