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Discussion of Problem 1036. Lucky Tickets

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boring stringAbid291036. Lucky Tickets18 Feb 2021 01:271  
What's wrong with my Test 2?Garin1036. Lucky Tickets23 May 2020 10:156  
HINT!Yegor Suvorov1036. Lucky Tickets26 Jun 2018 11:2913  
I get WA#3.What is the right answer for this tests? Enigma [UB of TUIT]1036. Lucky Tickets3 Jan 2017 23:515  
Python 3.4 solutionEvgeny Shulgin1036. Lucky Tickets6 May 2015 18:101  
ВопросAhmet1036. Lucky Tickets6 Mar 2015 16:532  
No subjectdukhno1036. Lucky Tickets29 Jul 2014 14:551  
AC program test caseslakerka1036. Lucky Tickets2 Jun 2014 19:581  
A question regarding the question.....Jaideva1036. Lucky Tickets10 Nov 2013 01:061  
Crash on 3 testKoshmarik1036. Lucky Tickets29 Oct 2013 11:564  
SomeTestAnna1036. Lucky Tickets25 Aug 2012 16:361  
In the case 7, is it case of big number???bunkung1036. Lucky Tickets23 Mar 2012 22:051  
Test #16 WA bill1251036. Lucky Tickets16 Mar 2012 17:152  
WA #19Krasnov Bogdan1036. Lucky Tickets17 Dec 2011 02:551  
why my program gets WA at 2subtlebear1036. Lucky Tickets14 Dec 2011 03:542  
Problem 1036 "Lucky Tickets" has been rejudged (+)Sandro (USU)1036. Lucky Tickets9 Nov 2011 19:471  
Can u give some hints... i thing there is a dynamic programming formula that i can't find.Costel::icerapper@k.ro1036. Lucky Tickets4 Sep 2011 20:093  
some hintsSKYDOS [Vladimir SU]1036. Lucky Tickets19 Apr 2011 15:462  
WA#1sklyack1036. Lucky Tickets17 Apr 2011 06:347  
WA #7?lasha peradze [Tbilisi SU]1036. Lucky Tickets25 Mar 2011 04:231  

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