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Discussion of Problem 1037. Memory Management

WA 4👑TIMOFEY👑1037. Memory Management1 Mar 2023 18:010  
Nice problemguilty spark1037. Memory Management14 Aug 2021 21:171  
Nice problem.beastsl1037. Memory Management29 Aug 2018 22:240  
hehe大笨象=o=喳支枪1037. Memory Management13 May 2014 12:270  
W5!!!WHY!!!zsyzzsx21037. Memory Management3 Dec 2011 06:501  
Very strange behaviorAmirbekov Artem[Ivanovo SPU]1037. Memory Management22 Oct 2011 03:490  
Tell Me Solutionlasha_kapo1037. Memory Management11 May 2011 13:101  
There is one useful test hereBurunduk11037. Memory Management12 Jan 2011 14:503  
tle#7sbsbsb1037. Memory Management1 Jun 2010 00:070  
What's WA#4Gene JHZ1037. Memory Management31 Mar 2010 14:585  
What is the tricky part of this problem? Any hint please...WA on #4Danica Porobic1037. Memory Management7 Mar 2010 20:084  
WA#1frp1037. Memory Management26 Feb 2010 21:270  
TLE 7AiD1037. Memory Management7 Feb 2010 18:053  
Long reading timeIldar Valiev1037. Memory Management20 Mar 2009 23:585  
WA 7. What is the test #7?Programmer1037. Memory Management7 Feb 2009 02:130  
Help me!! Tell me how to improve my program ..I got TLE at test#5!Ginforward1037. Memory Management14 Apr 2008 14:480  
Brute force WA#3 ???bsilver.info1037. Memory Management6 Mar 2008 13:540  
Crash @Test#3. If I use more than 16MB for this problem, will the Judge Status inform "Crash" ?Đoàn Tuấn Anh1037. Memory Management7 Jan 2008 11:331  
WA in test 2 please please help me Alexandru Popa Anupam Ghosh,Bengal Engg and Science University,Shibpur,India1037. Memory Management24 Sep 2007 14:150  
Ambiguity in definition...SPIRiT1037. Memory Management24 Jul 2006 18:471  

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