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Discussion of Problem 1039. Anniversary Party

Reason for WA#13dezaixing1039. Anniversary Party18 Jan 2022 19:539  
What is the reason of Runtime error test 8?nekettos1039. Anniversary Party4 Mar 2021 23:100  
Very Simple Only a DFS!!Pooya1039. Anniversary Party31 Jul 2020 13:589  
Hint and tutorial blunder woman1039. Anniversary Party3 May 2020 13:341  
To admins: Input format question:lenny1039. Anniversary Party10 Dec 2018 17:421  
How can I not Memory Limit Exceeded?tsinZ_9151039. Anniversary Party10 Dec 2018 17:392  
For those who WA5Aksima1039. Anniversary Party14 Jul 2018 02:160  
Hint : Dp on treesPradyumna Bang1039. Anniversary Party20 Sep 2017 15:241  
If you have no idea know why memory limit exceed Mahilewets1039. Anniversary Party3 Jul 2017 15:420  
Always got Runtime Error at test2Aran1039. Anniversary Party16 Sep 2016 05:311  
Hint: no fun, no partySirko1039. Anniversary Party25 Feb 2015 20:350  
I found the reason for me WA on 13#fytain1039. Anniversary Party25 Jul 2013 09:500  
good dynamic problemjust_practice1039. Anniversary Party29 Mar 2013 11:221  
2ADMINS: condition ambiguitiesmelkiy1039. Anniversary Party16 Aug 2012 13:401  
To admins: maybe week tests (-)DixonD (Lviv NU)1039. Anniversary Party29 Mar 2012 09:424  
WA #13 ?[RSU_Tash]Nodirbek_Kuklamov1039. Anniversary Party9 Jan 2012 01:110  
hiez_bunny1039. Anniversary Party2 Dec 2011 19:011  
WA#14YSYMYTH1039. Anniversary Party15 Jul 2011 09:460  
If you get WA #4 take a lookSeyyed Mehran Kholdi1039. Anniversary Party20 May 2011 01:021  
What is right answer for this test? 0?Mkhitaryan Sergey (NSTU)1039. Anniversary Party17 Apr 2011 16:386  

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