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Discussion of Problem 1042. Central Heating

Please give me a test with"No Solution"Yrii1042. Central Heating18 Nov 2021 20:395  
Runtime error (access violation) #8Andor Vari-Kakas1042. Central Heating5 Feb 2019 02:270  
Getting WA#2Anand Zutshi1042. Central Heating4 Dec 2016 10:100  
what is test3???I couldn't be wrong!Childish1042. Central Heating10 Sep 2012 18:590  
Hinthoan1042. Central Heating13 Apr 2012 15:202  
Solutionaskhatik1042. Central Heating1 Mar 2012 04:290  
who can tell me why there is no 'No solution'sNow.orz1042. Central Heating27 Feb 2012 03:061  
How to choose from answers the shortest one ?nc1042. Central Heating3 Jan 2011 14:280  
How to choose from answers the shortest one?Aram Shatakhtsyan1042. Central Heating30 Sep 2010 17:521  
This is a beautiful problem!!!I'm really happy that i got ACKing Without Kingdom1042. Central Heating24 Jul 2010 19:572  
WA 7 C++ Help...Kenny1042. Central Heating9 Sep 2008 19:360  
I only use full search and I got AC in 0.015 sec.Y.Y.M.1042. Central Heating20 Jul 2008 10:033  
Why WA6?Neizvestnii1042. Central Heating12 Oct 2007 21:175  
I've got AC 0.001s 158 КБ using Gauss. Who has better solution?Daniel Neiter1042. Central Heating21 Mar 2007 09:463  
Where can I read about my solution?(+)SPIRiT1042. Central Heating29 Jan 2007 21:180  
Problem 1042 "Central heating" has been rejudged (+)Vladimir Yakovlev (USU)1042. Central Heating20 Jan 2007 17:450  
what is in test 3 ? I always wa here..mai1042. Central Heating19 May 2006 20:053  
Help me to solve this problem, please!Aleksei Zobnin1042. Central Heating27 Mar 2006 18:563  
What does it mean?Sid1042. Central Heating24 Jun 2005 23:111  
How about this test data?Have solution??daizi sheng(from USTC)1042. Central Heating16 May 2004 17:552  

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